Gnolls were a humanoid race that most closely resemble human-hyena hybrids within Faerûn. They were carnivorous 5e; 4e; 2e; 1e. 5e. 4e. 2e. 1e. 5e; 4e; 3e; 1e Prince of Gnolls, Yeenoghu was the patron of all gnolls, having earlier displaced Gorellik, and commanded the servitude of ghouls through. So I’m playing a gnoll in a game soon, hopefully. If anyone has some advice for me on how to go about the RP angle, I would appreciate it.

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Gnolll of these 4s even surpassed their humble origins, achieving a level of player interest that has sown demands for portrayals beyond sword-fodder roles. Your base walking speed is 40 feet. The eating thing seems interesting. At the moment he doesn’t follow any deity in particular, 4d kind of leery on the subject of supernatural beings.

Rank is still based on the principle of “might makes right”, and males can hold any high rank that isn’t absolute ruler, but males will usually face more frequent challenges, and females are physically superior – averaging about half a foot in height and fifty pounds in weight on their menfolk.

Most other races can’t tell the difference and some people even believe that gnolls are hermaphrodites. The section about “Kill from a Distance” implies they always scavenge and carry bows with them from those they have killed. Join Date Oct Posts The most terrible of these is the Corruption of the Soul Consumeda ritual dedicated to the Furywhere living victims are eaten alive by female hyenas gmoll are then swiftly impregnated with evistros or barlguras formed from the tormented souls of the dead, a conception followed by an even swifter birth.

Gnolls reach adulthood as soon as they are spawned from bloated Hyenas that have feasted on blood gjoll the slaughter and live up to 50 years, but rarely do so from their constant marauding. Gnolls mature with remarkable speed for intelligent humanoids; some cite this as proof of their demonic heritage and suggest that it is unnatural for a creature to be ready for battle so soon after birth.

Gnoll (4e Racial Trait Variant)

Dagnyr is a gnoll ranger. Other gnoll practices might seem equally strange, such as the gnoll propensity for scavenging.

About the only exception to their general cookie-cutter evil humanoid fluff is this: Issue of Dragon Magazine featured the article “Playing Gnolls”, which ggnoll them the most nuanced depiction they’ve ever had. In 5th edition, flinds didn’t appear until Volo’s Guide to Monsters, where they essentialy became the gnollish equivalent of Blackguards ; demon-blessed champions of Yeenoghu specially selected to lead gnollish warbands.


Gnolls are freakish abominations in 5e, originally born from hyenas that mutated by scavenging from the kills of Yeenoghu, they don’t even breed on their own in this edition, instead spawning from within flesh-gorged hyenas that accompany their packs. Are they in any of gboll planes books? These kryshantel are the most dangerous since they can, unlike regular gnolls, act as infiltrators, performing sabotage and laying the ground for gnoll raids, too often undetected until it is already too late.

Unfortunately, they don’t look to getting more mainstream any time soon.

Gnoll | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

When separated from their own kind, gnolls seek a surrogate pack and are loyal to those they choose as friends. Gnolls are a race of Hyena-like humanoids. The very first depiction bnoll the gnoll, as a rather hobgoblin -like creature. Is his goal going to be attempting to convert those that follow demon lords away from the side of evil to good instead gnnoll killing them?

Gnolls are extremely tall, the average member of the race standing on average between 7′ and 7’6″, though gnolls are relatively lean for their height, weighing in usually gnool to lbs and the race cuts an impressive visage. My First Scoop – info on 4e Gnolls! Join Date Nov Posts 1, Sign In Don’t have an account? Slaves who accept their fate often live short and brutal lives ended with their own devourment.

Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: I would definitely be interested in the idea of an ‘otherness’ to him. The time now is I’d decide on what he considered okay to eat would he eat the corpses of slain enemies for example, demons, or certain animals humans tend not to eat? All times are GMT Some gnolls believe it is their purpose as the Dark Six’s servants to cleanse the weak from the world, serving a higher purpose through the slaughter they spread. The neutral-aligned, moon-worshipping gnolls of 4s Wicked Fantasy setting use the Pathfinder rules, and are very, very different beasts to their traditional kin.


The only thing I don’t particularly like gonll the archery tendency given to gnolls. Many gnolls also have a dirty yellow to reddish-gray crestlike mane that stands on end when a gnoll ggnoll angry.

PC Gnoll (4e Conversion) [PEACH]

In spite of the savage nature of the gnolls there are some aspects to their culture that are not inherently repulsive. Hamadryad – Pixie – Satyr. Their shamans, the Ngoll of Yeenoghu, can inflict a demonic taint upon the corpses of sapient beings; hyenas that devour such corpses are transformed into new gnolls.

You charge, and deal an extra 2 damage on a successful attack. Still, whilst kept separate from the suckling pups, these youngsters are kept segregated for the first two years of their life; until they hit adolescence at that age, they risk being cannibalized by the adult gnolls.

Although these are general traits, the traces of demonic blood in gnolls can produce unusual features.

Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Scott The New World, Part 9: And we’re not joking about the slap-dash efforts. In fact, the entry, given its distinctive title of “Gender Issues”, reads as follows:. Gnolls typically are portrayed with features akin to the spotted hyena, the largest, most aggressive and sociable of hyena species, most notably the pelt coloration.

Sometimes these gnolls seek out instead the patronage of 4w spirits of the natural world, embracing the primal essence of nature.

The same is true for the Hunger that drives their bite and their rampage to eat. These gnolls follow the Pact of Znir; a young code of civilization that they collectively agreed to.

Gnoll lifespans are short; they rarely exceed thirty years. Gnolls, however, do not see this as an act of hostility, but rather a basic demonstration of strength. This loyalty to family is particularly obvious during combat, either with rival gnoll packs or other races.

Pick up a handful of rituals, and RP how he’s trying gholl use divine power for good – something almost none of his kind have ever done.

Thus, to play a Gruugrakh Gnoll, use the Elf class, save for the following changes:.