The body is filled with innumerable Nadis that cannot be counted. Tantric wisdom state that there are 72, Nadis in the human body, 14 are principal nadis out. Within the human body there is a subtle and perfect network of 72, Nādīs that distribute this life force throughout the whole body. On the physical level the. From it 72, nadis are said to be spread throughout the body, each branching off into another 72, They move in every direction and have countless outlets .

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Its position is between Yasasvini – and Kuhu.

Sushumna Nadi is between Ida and Pingala. For each of these there are thousands more.

Yogins influence the flow of Nadis, but this is only a lower aspect of their function. A rival interpretation, and one that has become very popular in the West, is that the Ida and the Pingala alternate, crossing over the the Sushumna at various points, thus giving rise to the image of the Caudicus.

Since the aperture is in the spiritual or causal body karana sarira it cannot be seen or measured. Without them, your heart would not beat and lungs would not move. Ida has a moonlike nature and female energy with a cooling effect.

By passing through that, one becomes immortal. Jayprakash M Tiwari Like Like. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are the important ones. Practically, we can feel the desired 7000 that are produced through yoga, pranyama, meditation between these two centres. This Nadi is the gateway of the release.

Nadis, the Channels of Life force Energy

Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for Under the correct conditions the energy of kundalini is said to uncoil and enter sushumna through the brahma dwara or gate of Brahma at the base of the spine.


He should be without worldly cravings. The mind is the astral template of the brain. Ida, associated with 7200 energy of the moon, represents the feminine aspect of our personality and is often shown as white.

Meditation on the Chakra Symbols. nadks

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Chitra is transformed into the Brahma nadi or Para supreme nadi. Seated in the anus muladhara chakra it governs excretion and the kidneys, bladder, genitals, colon and rectum.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is put on the forehead with sandal paste, sacred ashes or kumkum red tumeric. Udana is responsible for ndis rising up your spine.

THE NADIS & Their Functions – The Visuality

The outer form of our system is a mixture of the five elements. When there is world or body-consciousness, we are out of balance. Likewise, while taking food pingala nadi flows. Nadis play a vital part in this Yoga. By controlling Udana, levitation can occur. These five vital forces pancha prana breathe life into your body: The word nadi is derived from Sanskrit nad meaning hollow stalk, sound vibration and resonance.

Although it is generally agreed that the Ida terminates at the left nostril and the Pingala at the right nostril so much so that the practitioner is advised to breathe alternately through each nostril to purify his or her nadisthere are two interpretations regarding the remaining position of these two primary nadis in the body. But the symbols that I am about to describe are the traditional ones, and they have a scientific meaning as well as a sacred history behind them.


The subtle or sukshma body is within the gross or physical body.

There are three gunas, or qualities – rajo guna, tamo guna and sato guna, and all three are present in the chakras. Prana, in its capacity of the life force in breath, takes five separate forms.

In our so called subtle and spiritual bodies, which cannot be weighed or measured, they channel cosmic, vital, seminal and other energies as well as sensations, consciousness and spiritual aura.

THE NADIS & Their Functions

One, sticking to this rule, becomes firm in his practice and gets no Taapa burning sensation in the body. Seated in the navel manipura chakrait maintains digestive fire and regulates stomach, liver, pancreas and intestine.

Retrieved from ” https: It is also known as the chandra or moon nadi. Ida Nadi is feminine energy with a cooling effect.

The Tantra and Hatha Yogas are concerned with this aspect, as against the psychological and spiritual ones of meditation in the Upanishads. The other part of Chitra moves down to the generative organ for discharge of semen. Twelve digits above the anus and the genital organs and just below the navel, there is an egg-shaped bulb called the kanda. People, who make excessive use of this channel, are emotional, often dwell on the past, often feel guilty and are easily dominated by others.