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Das Forum hier bleibt allerdings erhalten und lesbar. The speed of the dash when canceling, and 7005 some cancels all together just don’t work Just throwing out ideas. To me it seems my dp reduces it a minor amount.

Which classes are those?

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I play Musa, Uno Server. This topic is now closed to further replies.

If armour is supposed to reduce dmg, something isn’t adding up. Also, I got dp and Warrior Wp are able to two hit kill me if they’re able to get a hit in I don’t see sorcs complaining.

This game have completely 0 balance melee vs ranged characters. I clearly do not have bugged stats. Lvl 53 Maehwa vs Agile mane the archer one front attack: This base damage is ungodly low for AP.

Wp at least have a great boost in attack if they’re going to be that squishy but nope, pretty weak compared to other classes. Ring of good deeds.


I don’t see sorcs complaining Wizards are fine, we know we arent a one vs one class. Stopping by to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread, I am working on a stand-alone report to cover balance issues and this has been incredibly helpful.

780055 in itself seems very questionable. AP obviously works Although we could probably use some minor damage buffs on some skills. What is the point of skilling the ability “Chase II”? I haven’t gotten high enough level to have many problems with it so far, but I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about this issue both in-game and on the class forums. We arent rangers that can burst our best skill over and over while kiting around.

We are far from superior vs melee. It’s more than just the DP.

Playing Maehwa and yeah. I’ll explain how to get your base damage so you can try these experiments for yourself. Wizards are fine, 7005 know we arent a one vs one class. I can’t reproduce your findings with DP not giving damage reduction, at least in PvE.

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Both are able to take more hits than Musa. This shows that the skills seem to be scaling damage correctly, but the base damage is abysmal Upgrading chase atm isn’t needed as it is totally bug. I got DP on my Musa atm and I noticed shadow knights hit me pretty hard.


Honest seriously intended questions. No heilan used in the test. Maybe its just the way the class is, like each class has hidden default stats, something like; Total Stat: Also i will add that i evade quite a bit and pvp especially when they dont have accuracy. Actually Tiger Stance in general just doesn’t do damage. When I took all my gear off other than weapon, I still took dmg per swing. I’ve noticed taking MORE damage from the same mobs as I’ve been leveling up melee evasion, and enchanting my gear.

In between we just tickle.

Which is the saddest thing ever, considering they were all using the same armor. Either the class is meant to deal subpar damage, or some math somewhere isn’t allowing base damage to calculate correctly for this class. Blader vs Wizard This test is based on pvp not pve.

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And look for that moment to sage and nuke. I found that my Sorceress, with 98DP this number includes dark armor buff would take less damage a a wizards back attack than my plum with DP.

Posted 27 Apr