: A Darker Domain: A Novel (): Val McDermid: Books. When Michelle Gibson reports her father, Mick Prentice, missing at the start of McDermid’s intricate but underwhelming stand-alone psychological thriller, Det. Subject: Question about “A Darker Domain” – warning spoiler. Why at the end when Susan meets Adam, does she say “I’m your gran, I mean.

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A Scotland detective head of cold cases investigated two from twenty years back, one a kidnapping gone wrong, the other the case of a missing miner. However, the more Pirie learns, the less likely Prentice appears to be prone to cross the union, no matter his finan McDermid returns with a novel that gives Karen Pirie the central role she lacked in the series’ opening novel.

Union busters and scabs. A clue to an unsolved kidnapping surface Detective Inspector Karen Pirie is in charge of cold cases in the Kingdom of Fife I love that.

Retrieved from ” https: We might just turn the tables on the writing muses and toss off the odd winner. Meanwhile, a journalist mcdermir vacation stumbles across evidence in the cold case of a vanished woman and her son.

This fuels her belief that Mick abandoned his family, though there is no clear lead as to where he might have gone. McDermid’s plot resolutions relied heavily on DNA analysis, yet she has not done enough homework to know how DNA testing really works, how long it took in with even ideal samples, how shaky the results can beand how slowly actual police labs work.

Still an interesting series.

A Darker Domain

The rumours took only days to be substantiated. Inspector Karen PirieSgt. Still, darier good read. Now, the daughter is married and has a child with a rare disease who could use a bone marrow transfusion from a close family member. DI Karen Pirie is likable character who describes herself as a wee fat person.

Dmoain of course, DI Pirie who is officially assigned this case whilst unofficially working on the missing Mick Prentice affair is definitely nobody’s numpty. Catriona’s father, Sir Broderick Maclennan Grant, agreed to pay a huge ransom, but the handover went wrong. Moreover, Mick’s grown daughter Misha desperately needs to find her estranged father for critical reasons of her own.


Karen is soon assigned an additional cold case. However, she soon becomes preoccupied with another missing persons case from about the same time. As Karen is investigating Mitch’s disappearance, she is sent to the home of Sir Broderick Grant, one of the wealthiest men in Scotland. Naturally, these cases intersect. The elements of forensic detail just helped piece the clues together and follow the investigation.

She is killed while her son disappears without trace. A jogger stumbles upon dramatic new evidence that re-opens the dadker case. Oh this is good, very very good. McDermid returns with a novel that gives Karen Pirie the central role she lacked in the series’ opening novel. This is another dkmain from the talented Val McDermid, who as usual is able to weave together many threads to produce one compelling narrative.

The Grant cases takes Pirie to Italy, where the kidnappers might have fled with Adam, offering him a new identity and life, wiped clean by the little one’s young age. They also ask the Nottingham police to interview the scabs who settled there years before. She is there to report a missing person. Something went wrong with the payoff, Grant’s daughter, Cat, was killed and the grandson never seen again.

I did like the female cop. I just love Karen and can’t wait to start the next in her brilliant career, which I am just about to rectify now.

It isn’t simply that one book is well-written and another one isn’t. Can someone please tell me who Laurel is at the end of the book? There’s also romantic element to this book which is also well done and quite funny.

A Darker Domain – Wikipedia

Many reviewers seem to take issue with the complexity of the plot and the number of characters. Views Read Edit View history. However, McDermid has a means of using varied timelines effectively while not convoluting the larger picture.

It is identical to those used 20 years ago to demand the ransom for Catriona Maclennan Grant. This page was last edited on 26 Juneat Karen leaned back in her farker, not liking the answer she came up with, but knowing there would be nothing better coming from the man opposite her. This is a book almost begging for small-screen adaptation. Her place is secure. But at the base of it is a community that was destroyed – to the point where the abnormal was accepted as the normal, and there’s no sign dzrker recovery.


The one that really did change the world forever. The reason this ends up on the desk of DI Karen Pirie, the senior investigating officer of the Cold Case Review Team, is because the missing person went missing 22 years ago.

One particular chapter where Karen is summoned to his office, had me hysterically laughing. I gather from a lot of comments and other reviews that this is one of McDermid’s weaker offerings but I actually really enjoyed the mix of interlinking stor Karen leaned back in her chair, not liking the answer she came up with, but knowing there would be nothing better coming from somain man opposite her.

THe investigative threads weave back and forth while the skillful MDermid paints the characters with her usual detailed brush. Two cases are intertwined here, and the first is almost lost with most emphasis on the second, until they come together at the end. The family never bothered to look for him since they felt abandoned by him.

As the investigations proceed new information and discoveries come to light regarding both inquiries. So there are two plot lines and two different time periods for each of them.

Additionally, the novel boasts realistic dialogue peppered with colloquialisms and Scottish settings, allowing McDermid to write using what she knows best while delivering a superior product.