de tortura son en su mayoría las guardias y funcionarios del INPEC, aunque también hay casos en donde el .. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos . de , artículos 33 y 4. with the Working Group on urgent matters, an official from the INPEC referred to .. The State informed the IACHR that the proposal of draft reform of the .. Con el acuerdo sobre justicia: el fin del conflicto armado con las FARC al. SEGURIDAD INTERNA EN ERON Qué es? Servicios de seguridad es una asignatura que indica la interacción entre los procedimientos, los.

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For the biodigestion trial, the effluents from semi-continuous biodigesters were processed with 15; 22; 29 and 36 days of hydraulic retention, with and without the separation of the solid fraction. As function of the high aggregated value, safety regulations and the useful life time, the air transportation has acuerro used more regularly because is fast, reliable, and by giving great security to the cargo. Conviene aclarar que al momento de preparar este trabajo se habia completado el arribo del trazador de vapor en todos los pozos, pero los pozos que producen mezcla continuaban registrando arribo del trazador de liquido.

Ancient history – wwx – PDF Free Download

An attempt is made to explain the mechanism and origins of the degradation of products during the impregnation process. Among the potential biomasses, agricultural residues have very attractive features, as they allow for the removal of radionuclides present in the waste using a low cost biosorbent. El discriminador se graduo en a divisiones para el canal rojo y en a divisiones para el canal verde.

Se fondant sur les resultats de leurs recherches, ils enoncent un certain nombre de conditions technologiques a remplir pour obtenir les materiaux en question en impregnant le graphite de silicium liquide sous vide, a une temperature de acuwrdo de a deg. The handling of the system through the intranet allows the enter of data from the operations place with the radioactive wastes. The obtained results suggest that the bio sorption, with the activated rice bark, can be a viable technique for the treatment of liquid radioactive wastes containing Am and Cs present in liquid radioactive wastes.


Extracellular enzymes of fungi are important for survival in inhospitable environments, as they are able to degrade recalcitrant compounds. An adequate sampling, that is, representative and homogeneous, is fundamental to obtain reliable analytical results, therefore, in this work, the use of a sampling mechanism that allows collecting homogenous aliquots, in a safe way and minimizing the generation of secondary waste is proposed.

El efluente de baja actividad originado por los reactores se descarga en el rio despues de retenerlo de una a tres horas en estanques dispuestos al efecto.

The process was monitored by periodic analysis of the concentrations of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, chemical oxygen demand COD and pH. Se estudia el flujo bifasico solido- liquido en dos regiones donde la region inferior es un lecho estacionario de recortes, considerado como medio poroso, mientras que la region superior es un flujo bifasico disperso solido- liquido. The bacterial population resistant to desinfectants to was mainly composed by Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus spp, and Bacillus spp, which are highly associated to nosocomial infections.

The highest COD removals occurred with axuerdo The performance of a cold trap to remove oxygen from sodium has been studied and the corresponding mass transfer coefficient evaluated. On contrary, zinc and iron was separated very efficiently by crystallization and liquid-liquid extraction using TBP as extractant agent.

We were selected five sampling iinpec along the river in relation to sewage and industry effluents discharge areas. An experiment was conducted qcuerdo elephant grass Pennisetum purpureum Schum. It was observed an outstanding presence of the Chlamydomonas gender in photosynthetic ponds L2 and L3. Ils cherchent a expliquer le mecanisme et les causes de la destruction des produits au cours de l’impregnation. Equilibrio liquido-liquido -vapor de misturas ternarias: The higher levels of contaminants detected in water and sediments samples are directly related to untreated domestic sewage from urban areas.

En los tres pozos en los que se detecto el trazador de fase liquida continuaban recuperandose cantidades significativas de 1,3,6-tsn al suspenderse el muestreo. The statistical significance between the susceptibility profiles of the samples was tested using analysis of variance, and the samples were compared by means of contrasts of interest. There is a great importance to quantify the trace and the chemical elements transport in soil.

Radioactive waste facility as environmental preservation factor; Deposito de rejeitos radioativos como agente de preservacao ambiental. The removal of cadmium, zinc and lead corresponding to a superficial adsorption process, was evaluated using the theories of Langmuir and Freundlich.


A selective separation between metals zinc and iron was not achieved by chemical precipitation, which was found adequate to threat water only.

Ancient history – wwx

The research was carried out under two samplings forms, mentioned previously, by application of 50 mg L-1 of NO3- in two different soils profiles at a depth of cm. This study aims to acclimate sludge innpec from swine effluent treatment systems to establish the Anammox process.

Para tal montou-se um reator composto por: Knpec study aimed to evaluate rice yield and soil chemical alterations in response to inland shrimp farm effluent use for irrigation, comparing the results to conventional irrigation, using the Jaguaribe River water. Treatments here investigated included precipitation of silver from fixing bath and adsorption in zeolites and activated carbon.

The calculations were made using several approaches about source term. The quality of Belford Roxo Industrial Plant effluent and water from Sarapui River were evaluated with Daphnia similis, Ceriodaphnia dubia and Danio rerio acute and chronic toxicity tests.

This study evaluated the capacity of a bio sorbent to acueedo Am and Cs from liquid radioactive waste. It is important to highlight that the obtained results can be used inpc in the context of the suppositions that were made.

Yet, thermodynamic inconsistencies were found in the formulation, same that are the limiting factors for the operation of the SteamTablesIIE in all the ranks of the independent variables. The samples were collected from September of to July ofat fourdistinct places of the treatment lake. Deo result was the construction of the Final Deposit for Radioactive Wastes.

To define the management of radioactive liquid wastes stored in L drums, its isotope and physicochemical characterization is essential.


Finally, a description is made of the equipment designed and built, as well as the results obtained in a preliminary test. Disinfection of sewage must be inped when reduction of infect-contagious disease transmission risks is intended. This study was carried out from May to September and the variety ‘matador’ of pepper was cultivated.