If you’re curious as to how your organization could benefit from li-fi, we’ve rounded up a few of the technology’s most unique features. This page covers advantages and disadvantages of mentions LiFi This technology is based on visible light communication (VLC). • Operating range. ADVANTAGES Enhanced wireless infrastructures by providing an additional layer of small cells. The avoidance of the radio frequency.

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Microwaves microwaves – electromagnetic waves with risadvantages frequency between 1GHz wavelength 30cm and 3GHz. Because it uses visible light, and light cannot penetrate walls, the signal’s range is limited by physical barriers.

Written by Techopedia Staff.

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That is, the light can belong to the invisible, ultraviolet or the visible part of the spectrum as well. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can interconnect directly using Li- Fi. Advantages and disadvantages Spectrum The spectrum available for Wi-Fi is limited to an area near 5 GHz, while Li-Fi information is transmitted on beams of light, whose range is an enormous chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum, clustered aroundGHz.

Highly accurate location-specific information services such as advertising and navigation that enables the recipient to receive appropriate, pertinent information in a timely manner and location. Li-Fi has low implementation and maintenance costs. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. High data transmission rates of up to 10Gbps can be achieved.


Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi: Which is better?

As internet is need of the hour, this disadvanttages waste energy more than any other internet system. This is in contrast to established aand of wireless communication such as Wi-Fi which use traditional radio frequency RF signals to transmit data. A lot of free radio spectrum will be available as Li-Fi can be used to free some busy spectrums in a confined area. How does it work? It mentions links to comparison of lifi with wifi.

Following are the advantages of LiFi: Home Automation is the process of taking something that normally has to be switched or monitored manually and automating that process.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Li-Fi technology?

Li-Fi data is transmitted by the LED bulbs and received by photoreceptors in receiving device. How is it different from other technologies? This limits access of internet whereever one requires. The technology uses LED lamps on source side and photo detector based LiFi dongles on destination side. These waves enable data to be sent and receive. Data from the internet and local network devices like a NAS etc. Moreover lifi signal covers low region does not pass through the walls.

Transmission technology William Kemp. One main advantage of Li-Fi is security. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. So the two technologies can be considered complimentary and can co-exist together. If his technology can be put into practical use, every bulb can be used something like a Wi-Fi hotspot to transmit wireless data and we will proceed toward the cleaner, greener, safer and brighter future.


Add Comment Text Only character limit. Making Sense of the The possibilities are numerous and can be explored further.

disadvxntages Interferences from external light sources like sun, light, normal bulbs, opaque materials. Li-Fi uses the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transfer data at very high speeds. How can cloud computing save money? Any private or public lighting including street lamps can be used to provide Li-Fi hotspots and the same communications and sensor infrastructure can be used to monitor and control lighting and data.

In the case depicted in Fig.

Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi: Which is better? – Electronic Products

Wherever there is a light source, there can be Internet. With more big data solutions moving to the cloud, how will that impact network performance and security? About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

This could limit the locations and situations in which Li-Fi could be used.