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She’s an awesome author. I enjoyed this, the first Miss Marple I’ve read, and it was quite clever. Miss Blacklock is known as Letty but she actually is Lotty as she swapped places wth her dead sister to get the will of her sister’s ex partner. I recommend this for someone who wants to read a Mystery novel for the first time or to just pick up a good one. They were good impostors! Miss Blacklock it the heir of herex business partner if hiswifedies before her and te wife has only weeks to live.

There are no plausible scenarios that can seduce a reader to think ‘could this be so and so? I dig Miss Marple, man. I think I’ll be passing on Agatha Christie for a while Yes, if they noticed that advertisement they’d all come sniffing round at 6: I have a limited capacity for enjoying the dialogue of old English ladies – who describe everything in italics e. Two and a half stars.

Un meurtre sera commis le by Agatha Christie (3 star ratings)

LOL The book is set in the quiet English village of yore, although with everyone complaining about how things have changed since the war. I was pretty sure who did it, but I was at a complete loss as to why. The super Pussy 3.


I’ve known many an chriwtie who has suffered worse and been cut off from life much more. The other thing that surprised me in this book is that I actually suspected the killer from the start. Her disappearance caused an outcry from the public, many of whom were admirers of her novels. Anyways, I did enjoy this book.

Still I did enjoy being proved right. No one is who they pretend to be. I honestly do not think Mystery is the genre for me.

Parts of this story I quite liked. Combine books 4 15 Oct 28, But this one gave me a headache. She was a good girl, Florrie, but inclined to be taken in by a gentlemanly appearance.

Pues como todos los libros que me leo de esta autora siempre es porque estoy en un club de lectura y nos encanta ponernos de acuerdo y leer los libros de Agatha porque la verdad es que nos apuntamos bastante.

I think it’s fun and well-constructed, and even though we do have plenty of clues to the culprit right from the beginning more than anyone, Christie plays fair I was fooled when I first re I’ve read this before, of course, probably lots of times.

Un meurtre sera commis le…

But then things would settle and I would eventually lose my bloodlust until the next death. Refresh and try again. I’ll do what all good researchers and lazy writers do, and add some links. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time.

But, that aside, once I chrristie the novel, I did enjoy it. So whilst objectively, this is a good quality murder mystery, I don’t love it as a novel. Miss Marple 1 – 10 of 15 books. Miss Marple solves crimes because she has such a keen understanding of human nature. Fipp and I just listened to it on tape aggatha a long car ride and the audio version is really fun.


So much dizzying endless talking. This is what happens when one reds too much Agatha Christie. The fact that I started and finished two other books in the meantime already proofs that point. Their marriage was especially happy in the early chrisite and remained so until Christie’s death in During this marriage, Agatha published six novels, a collection of short stories, and a number of short stories in magazines.

Always nice to spend some time with that gentle old expert on murder.

Un meurtre sera commis le by Agatha Christie (2 star ratings)

As to my mother’s husband, he had some strange notion that feeding 40 stray cats, a xgatha goat, a duck, and 4 turtles not stray out of a 2-bedroom apartment was odd. It’s really incredible how she joins the dots in the end. I liked the premise of it since the start. To view it, click here.

She has to young cousins but has not seen then since they were little but they are supposed to be living with her. Wikipedia entry for Agatha Christie I’ve known many an invalid who has suffered worse and been cut off from life much more.

This was my first Agatha Christie novel, and I was told to read it for my English elective class. These books are as nice to l as curling up in your favorite chair with a cup of cocoa and the dog on your lap while it blizzards outside.