could result. 0 For DC powered systems, use Aiphone power supply model specified with . A Even if two GH-VBC units are used as extension adaptors. Brand new Aiphone GH-BC Intercom Accessories at Wholesale Prices & Free Shipping – Returning Customers get Extra 15% Off by using our Free VIP. GH-BC AIPHONE BUSS CONTROL. Model. Category: Accessories. Description; Reviews (0). Product Description. Audio bus control unit for GH system.

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Station-to-station wiring For details, see d. Make sure to run the cable under the terminal cover for protection. Residential station For details, see From the speech module to the next module, insert the attached connector into the socket.


The assigned call button cannot be used as the residential call button simultaneously. Fire or electric shock could result. Sub trunk line 1 – 4 Sub trunk line 2 – 4 are the same as 1. View from the initial camera position2. When the system includes GHNS, program the resident information names siphone roomnumbers in advance.

Aiphone GH-1KD Installation guide |

Calling a Residential Station1. Skipped at time of entrance station monitoring. If you would like to connect 7 modules or more, please contact Aiphone. If installing a digital entry system, the program for loading names and numbers for each tenant is also located on the CD.


Example of interconnection of modules. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? For details, see 2. Make sure that all units are installed and wired properly.

You will hear a low-volume call tone from the entrancestation. These limits aredesigned to provide reasonable protection against alphone interference in aresidential installation. Write in resident informationRegister room s and resident names. Before you begin programming, we recommend that you register a new exclusive ID code for yourself so that the system is not accessed by others.

Aiphone GH series : Intercom System User Manual

Monday – Friday PH: Sub trunk line 1 – 4Sub trunk line 2 – 4 are the same as 1. Turnon the power switch to GH-BC. For details, see If you have forgotten your ID code, set the switch 1 to ON for approximately 2 seconds.

Make sure that all units are installed and wired properly. Apar tment Inter com System.

A call tone sounds as long as thebutton is held down. Security Guard Station f.

For GH-NS, display the room you want to correct and reprogram all the residential stations in the single apartment following steps 4 and following. Tell us about it.


To do so, set the setting switch to “EXP. Turn on the power switch to GH-BC. Mount each module panel to the front frame. Set the system to program mode. Repeat these steps and program ghb-c residential stations. Use any akphone thin tool, such asa fine screwdriver. To position the speech module in the center row, run GF-C through the joint pipe in advance.

You will hear a low-volume call tone. If you attempt to setup a fifth residential station when four residential stations have already been established, an alarm beep will be emitted.

Put back the terminal cover. The corresponding communication channel will be established. Example of interconnection of modules. When the call is from an entrance station or security guardstation, the call tone will ring at the residential station forapproximately 10 seconds.

Mount the station unit to the mounting bracket. Mount each module to the mounting bracket. Station-to-station wiring For details, see d.