You can even schedule a one-on-one appointment at a Sprint Store near you. Visit for the complete User Guide. There are also community. Technical and Troubleshooting. Guide. AIRAVE The AIRAVE connects to Sprint’s network through your broadband Internet connection. Outgoing calls go. You’ll need to connect your AIRAVE to a router or a broadband (cable or DSL) modem. Have a router? Please use the setup instructions on this page. Just have .

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I’m not totally sure what it’s for but I did find that you can use it like a WiFi router if you have it plugged in via Ethernet. Some reason when I turned off WiFi, it’s not showing the setup configuration. Lastly is battery life, I’ve seen major improvements in standby time since my phone isn’t connecting to a weak 1x signal. Try pressing the CDMA side reset pin hole. They have a separate moderation team than we do.

When I questioned why it’s not they could not answer me. Actually had to call Sprint’s Customer Care at and the lady mentioned the. I just played that in front of maual wife and young children. It’s supposed to come out mid next month the Airave 3 LTE. This device is really cool.


The Airave 3 is coming out mid-June. The Magic Box boosts your coverage without wires. At least give us a heads up of the context of the link next time you choose to do that.

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You have to plug into one of the ports and go to Do not post Referral majual here. Drop calls all the time.

Don’t be a dick. So from what I’ve gathered the Airave 3 also provides wifi? Another example is that you have guests over that aren’t very tech savvy or won’t turn on WiFi calling every WiFi network they connect to, it helps.

Submit a new text post. It’s not coming out till mid June. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you are submitting an article, you must use the article title or very close to it. I just got the same thing. If you want to identify or represent yourself as an employee, click here and follow the instructions.


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They will be removed. Sprint tech support informed me this afternoon that the Airave 3 was available exclusively available for business accounts. Before you do all that make sure you connect your laptop to the Airave via Ethernet.

TwitterYouTubeReddit. Follow Reddiquette when posting. On a Windows computer, type ipconfig in command prompt. Right now it might only be available to business customers, just guessing. Anyone doing this will be banned. Twitter Adrienne Norton Corp.

I got the new Airave 3 LTE! Here are some pictures. : Sprint

I hope you understand. Marcelo Claure Executive Chairman: Bigger than I thought.

The other way is a bit iffy.