Akai ASQ10 Service Manual ASQ 10 ASQ Akai ASQ10 Original Factory Service Manual and Schematic Diagrams. Contact us if you don’t see the. Info. asq 10_front. NAME: ASQ TYPE: Sequencer. MANUFACTURER: Akai. YEAR: DAY RATE: WEEKLY RATE: hi – does anyone have or know anyone who has an asq 10 manual? I did DL the MPC manual form , but would.

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Privatverkauf nach EU-Recht, d. It has a lot of great features such as two MIDI inputs and four outputs so no merge and splitter boxes necessary to connect equipment without daisy-chaining. It is not known whether the floppy drive works, because I am not familiar with these machines, janual it may be safe to assume that it needs replacing, but you may get lucky….

AKAI ASQ-10 sequencer with manual, MPC-60’s sequencer, ASQ10

I think the back light has gone as the display is not very illuminated but the contrast is still good and can be seen well. Previous Article in this akaai Programming African Rhythms. The MIDI messages which can be selectively filtered out are: This means that each track can only have one MIDI channel associated with it. You have to look at an angle.

The timing is extremely accurate and the swing is very natural sounding. Surely there are only a certain number of functions a sequencer can have? The ASQ 10 goes a step further than this.


That’s pushing it a little, but it is better than lugging about an Atari ST with monitor and keyboard. What’s needed for easy editing is a large display, and we have one here. Used for many years on hundreds of tracks, synched to my 8 track. So let’s look and mxnual if it measures up The sequences can be chained together and used to build up a song.

All you need is a MIDI keyboard and you have the perfect sequencing setup! This item is in good working condition and OS 2. The main screen presents you with the information mankal in Figure 1. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience.

Fully checked and working perfectly. The front and sides are quite beautiful.

Normal records velocity data as played. Modern sequencers like ableton are too rigid and robotic. This wasn’t just a drum machine, manula could take samples and acted as a pretty sophisticated MIDI sequencer too. Linked to the Timing Correct function is a feature which seasoned Linn users may recognise. Selling as a aka unit due to the following: Thus, we can expect the Akai ASQ 10 sequencer to be pretty comprehensive in its abilities, and well built too.


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Fully functional with a new screen, Roger Linn 3. SEQ is the file type. This unit shows wear aeq no dents or serious damage. Additionally, any pressure information transmitted while this procedure is being carried out is transformed into velocity data. And in case you want to arrange basic tracks into a song and then overdub, a song can easily be converted into a sequence. I’m sure Roger Linn would have done this himself, but the accountants got him mahual he was able to.

You don’t look like a twit doing it either. Also, the fact that default track names are automatically assigned by the machine means that even if you are too flushed with inspiration to take time out to make one up, then you’ll still manuak what’s going on when you take a break.

AKAI ASQ sequencer with manual, MPC’s sequencer, ASQ10 | #

It is simply a way of spreading the data load. The backlight is in good condition.

Chasing is as quick as anyone could need and frees the user from the bind of an external sync box. Switch for either V or V Technically great, no loose, misfiring or sticky buttons, floppy drive is perfect!