You must remember this: in the journal Social Text published an essay by Alan Sokal called “Transgressing the boundaries: towards a. It’s time I introduced you to my hero: Alan Sokal. He wrote and submitted a spoof article, Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a. Biographical Information: The author is a Professor of Physics at New York University. He has lectured widely in Europe and Latin America, including at the.

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Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: All Things Considered Interview. In an interview on the U. Sarah Glazer – – Nursing Philosophy 2 3: Sign in Create an account.

Sign in to use this feature. Suspecting they didn’t know their scientific arse from their elbow, he decided to attack. Jerold Touger – unknown. After referring skeptically to transgrwssing “so-called scientific method”, the article declared that “it is becoming increasingly apparent that physical ‘reality ‘ ” is fundamentally “a social and linguistic construct”.

He wrote and submitted a spoof article, Transgressing the Boundaries: Expose as a Sham or False”.

Sokal affair – Wikipedia

Mara Beller – unknown. Alan Sokal American University in Cairo. A physics professor in New York, in the s Sokal went to teach in Nicaragua because he approved of the Sandinista government. Fourteen years on, and the hoax and its implications have not gone away.

It went on to state that because scientific research is “inherently theory-laden and self-referential”, it “cannot assert a privileged epistemological status with respect to counterhegemonic narratives emanating from dissident or marginalized communities” boundariew that therefore a “liberatory science” and an “emancipatory mathematics”, rtansgressing “the elite caste canon of ‘high science ‘ “, needed to be established for a “postmodern science [that] provide[s] powerful intellectual support for the progressive political project”.


Social Textas an academic journal, published the article not because it was faithful, true and accurate to its subject but because an ” academic authority ” had written it and because of the appearance of the obscure writing.

Not to be confused with the Sokol affair involving the company Berkshire Hathaway. By flattering the editors’ ideological preconceptions, he hoped his meaningless waffle might just get published. They apparently felt no need to analyze the quality of the evidence, the cogency of the arguments, or even the relevance of the arguments to the purported conclusion. There is one sentence in his original parody reprinted here, and with extra illuminating explanatory notes which, he takes pains to inform us, he does stand by: Show 25 25 50 All.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Gross and Levitt argued that the success of getting published in postmodern journals was based not on the quality of the work but rather on its “academic leanings — papers displaying the proper leftist thought, especially if written by or quoting well known authors, were being published in spite of their low quality.

Johns Hopkins University Press, Lyotard, Postmodernism and Science Education: Retrieved 1 March At that time, the journal did not practice academic peer review and it did not submit the article for outside expert review by a physicist.


Sokal affair

University of Nebraska Press, In the May issue of Lingua Francain the article “A Physicist Experiments With Cultural Studies”, Sokal revealed that “Transgressing the Boundaries” was a hoax and concluded that Social Text “felt comfortable publishing an article on quantum physics without bothering to consult anyone knowledgeable in the subject” because of its ideological proclivities and editorial bias.

Writing after the article was trxnsgressing and the hoax revealed, he stated:. Retrieved March 5, Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity”.

He suggested that the axiom of equality in mathematical set theory was analogous to the homonymous concept in feminist politics. Editorial Splendours and Miseries of the Science Wars. The anthropologist Bruno Latourcriticized in Fashionable Nonsensedescribed the scandal as a ” tempest in a tea cup “. In the second paragraph I declare without the slightest evidence or argument, that “physical ‘reality’ note the scare quotes [ It proposed that quantum gravity is a social and linguistic construct.

Sokal found further humor in the idea that the article’s absurdity was hard to spot:. Gross and Norman Levitt’s Higher Superstition: