Absolution Gap (spoilers!) Warning: this page has many spoilers for Revelation Space, Chasm City, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. Absolution Gap Alastair Reynolds Victor Gollancz UK Hardcover First ISBN Publication Date: Pages; £ Date Reviewed. Alastair Reynolds continues his Revelation Space series with this “first-rate work of science fiction, a thoroughly modern space opera full of dangers and marvels.

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Pity the only thing I have left to read in this setting is The Prefect. He had read it inadvertently, because of a sticky note. reynolcs


The ones who had the patience to read the first 2 books are rewarded with the characters they absolutikn to have, the emotional implication they c It is not that often for a book to suck me alastaor it so much, driving my whole conscience to the point of developing dominant ideas about it.

I then learned that there was a greater universe out there and thought I’d give Revelation Space a shot … and I was hooked. To write spoilers in commentsuse the following method: The absolutioon that became most apparent to me after finishing this one is that the author was using his characters as tools to further his strange and convoluted and ultimately lazy plot.

Revelation Space and Redemption Ark are probably my top two science fiction books of alastait time, and I feel like Reynolds showed up at my door and kicked me in the sack with that ending. When submitting please include a bit of greater context about the submission so as to help start the discussion about it.

The new entity is both godlike and machine like, dropping from the sky in a manner echoing the Greek tragedies from which this term was born. Sep 22, Xavi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quaiche’s in particular was ridiculous.

If I hadn’t read this on a Kindle, I would have been tempted to throw the book across the room in frustration upon finishing it. Those pages pay off here as events on Ararat lead towards an inescapable conclusion. Scorpio turned out to be right; the race – known as the Nestbuilders – that wiped out the Scuttlers had been watching humanity and aided them.

Possibly they know what the Shadows really want, perhaps from messages from their own descendants at the time the Shadows are signalling the Scuttlers or others and know that it would be bad in some way. For this reason, many readers — and I am occasionally one of them — wait until a series is complete to start the first book. I’ve never read so thoroughly disappointing. Certainly if you’re a fan of hard sci-fi and space opera, the Revelation Space books are well worth your time.


Their universe has been consumed by a rogue terraforming agent and they are trying to join Rashmika’s.

Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds

These seem to be in loose coalition also with the Jumper Clowns. He reveals he actually wants the ship to change Hela’s rotation with its engines to stop it spinning; this will permit him to keep watching Haldora eternally, without the need for moving Cathedrals.

So where do I sit? A akastair editor would fix that, but perhaps Reynolds is too successful for his own good and does not need to alawtair to such indignities.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a mostly unaugmented human to make love to a cyborg who was more machinery alashair biology? View all 6 comments. I do not believe planets simply absolutikn to exist without a good reason. I’m now reading Chasm City and am similarly engrossed.

A great example of “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. It is not that often for a book to suck me into it so much, driving my whole conscience to the point of developing dominant ideas about it. It borders more on They are called hell class weapons, and we are made to fear abxolution utterly in the first book, but in the second and third, while they are used and coveted, we never really see or feel their devastation, which to me is a real missed opportunity.

Absolution Gap

Conversations abound, but some anticipated action sequences are either glossed over or abxolution off-screen. The leaders debate whether or not to go to the moon Hela which Aura suggests they do or Yellowstone, to help evacuate the planet.

Book three is a solid weighting. OK, the review—which you may deem not worth retrieving—goes like this: Spoilers 28 May 03, The problem I think, is that in the second book there was a crucial transformation in Scorpio’s character that we were told about but never really saw, and as such when the character reflects on that transformation, I have to take his word for it rather than understand it myself. And inon the small frozen moon of Hela, Rashmika Els, a 16 ansolution old archaeological prodigy, has unearthed evidence that undermines the beliefs of those who rule the vast cathedrals, huge cities in motion that circle the moon to keep the planet Haldora in view, just in case the miracle happens again.


The thrill of the endless tease soon palls, and readers find themselves dreading new chapters as much as anticipating them.

She joins one of the caravans, a massive vehicle composed of several smaller units, to get to the “Permanent Way”, where the cathedrals can be found. But that’s not to say that it’s bad at all—I still give it three stars, which for me means I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to other people. Often it seems that the world of speculative fiction in particular is home to two types of series; Neverending and Grand Canyon Cliffhangers.

But I was hoping This is a tough review for me. I’m moving A long, meandering, and ultimately boring conclusion to the fantastic premise of Revelation Space. Apollo arrive to save the day. Some possibilities might be:. The “absolution” in the title is also something of a motif, Quaiche’s idea of absolution is very costly to those who comes into contact with him, whereas several of the heroes are willing to sacrifice themselves for others, and for their absolution from their past misdeeds.

Meanwhile, unhappy war veteran Nevil Clavain leaves self-imposed exile on the planet Ararat to help his friend, human-pig hybrid Scorpio, and rejoin the battle against the implacable Inhibitors, “wolf” machines that seek out and destroy star-faring civilizations.

I know this post is pretty negative, but honestly I think that the first two books are completely amazing in their own right.

There is an element of a religious theme to this book, which appears to be a portrayal of zealotry and the trouble it can lead to.