It’s not quite as much fun to write a review when it seems everyone is basically in agreement. Crowley was not as evil as folklore suggests, and he was a lot more. Spine lettered in red horizontally across the spine ‘[double-rule] | THE DIARY | OF A | DRUG FIEND | [ornament] | ALEISTER CROWLEY [ publisher’s device]. If you are interested in the arcane, the occult, the erotic or the highs and lows of drug addiction, then this book is for you. A piece of fiction.

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The aleistr of the heroin had been to steady us in that state. While there, the couple begins experimenting with magick. He promised to put in a good word for me as he knew Grant Richards well and was influential as being a man of sound business and literary judgment.

That’s no ov for suspicion. Too well written—the first stage is presented so alluringly as to overshadow the after horrors related. The now unhappy couple and Lamus leave England for an Abbey of Thelema located near the fictional location of Telephylus.

She represented the siren, the vampire, Melusine, the dangerous, delicious devil that cowards have invented to explain their lack of manliness.

The whole place stopped still to look at her. In my third term he had become head prefect; he had won a scholarship at Oxford—one of the best things going. The one excuse for writing such a book as this is that is should hold out some hope to the victims of this vice; and this Aleister Crowley does, describing the theories, way of living, and scenery of a spot to which the hero-villain and heroine-villain go, to be brought back to sanity by the discovery of their true work in life.


Sitting next him was a weak, good-natured, working journalist named Vernon Gibbs. The night was delicious. They were obliged to cable to London for money and, until it drig, to suffer for lack of their usual stimulants.

Book Review: Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

Jack Fordham was his name. My first thought was to get more gas and go on, despite the absurdity of our position. This was mostly bluff.

You talk of death. I acted with superb aplomb. Lou was coming through the door. So don’t, unless you’re dying already. Nobody would be really much the worse for a night with the drug, provided that he had the sense to spend the next day in a Turkish bath, and build up with food and a double allowance of sleep.

The pendulum swings from the extreme of licence to the extreme of prudery.

Beresford was delighted with the manuscript and in high hopes of making a big hit. It makes you wish Crowley was still alive and you could go to Thelema. Beverley Henderson and Jennifer Lee Dorsey. He fascinates them with a thousand different tricks. Coue and the Pathfinders club. However, he scraped together enough to get me some sort of education, and at the outbreak of the war I was twenty-two years old and had just passed my Intermediate for M. For a second the agony was indescribable. We had arrived at the hotel very weary, though as a matter of course we had insisted on Feccles and Haidee coming upstairs for a final drink.

We were both wondering who we were and what we were and what was going to happen ; ana, at the same time, we had a positive certainty that nothing could possibly happen. She reminded me of a white maggot.

Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

I discovered to my amazement that the desperate wild 6 The Diary of a Drug Fiend animal hunting his job had been after all a rather happy animal in his way, just as the desperate god battling in the air, playing pitch and toss with life and death, had been happy. The idea had been determined in me without any intervention of my own. I found myself in the middle of the floor without knowing how I had got there.


He took a pace backwards and raised his stick. I perceived nothing any more. This is in fact the meaning of the legend of ” The Fall. When, in fact, I saw nothing but the cover. We were the only two people in the Universe—she and I. The dancing room was a ridiculous, meaningless, gaudy, bad imitation of Klimmt. You can switch a few things around and have an Evangelical sales pitch or a Crystal Energy Woo pamphlet.

The diary of a drug fiend

His cold blue eyes were shifty and malicious. Those interested are invited to communicate with the author of this book. About six months ago I imported some tobacco, rolls of black perique, the best and purest in the world. But the girl took no notice. I rubbed it between my finger and thumb.

But there was nothing to do but to accept the ov and walk in politely.

He shook hands with me formally, yet with greater intensity than is customary between well-bred strangers in England. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I felt myself in the presence of some tremendous influence for good aleisteer evil.

I was snowed under by an avalanche of crimson light that poured from a vast studio.