Praise. Praise for Alejandro Zambra’s Bonsai “The ‘last truly great book’ I read has to be Alejandro Zambra’s Bonsai. A subtle, eerie, ultimately wrenching. Through both the distance and closeness of these young lovers, Alejandro Zambra brilliantly explores the relationship between art, love, and life. Bonsai is. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra.

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Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra

Dec 21, jeremy rated it liked it Shelves: The only problem is that I completely alejandrro it. I was prepared to abandon it I must confess.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Condemned to a life of seriousness and imposture, Julio, the silent protagonist of this book, ends up convincing himself that it is better to shut himself in his room to observe the growth of a bonsai than to wander along the uncomfortable paths of literature. No en asuntos sino en el enfoque dubitativo, un poco lejano.

I only wanted a local short novel to read between transfers on my recent trip to Chile, and I ended up with this precious gem of a poem in prose, heavy with the memories of my own lost youth among books and movies and lost loves that I know nothing about today.

I read this short story after a very annoying day proofreading a translation by a very bad translator. At first the back and forth about the characters continuing is intriguing, but again it is light and while the story about the story, his playing with narrative, is interesting, the characters again are flat. And Zambra doesn’t do anything much, besides telling me a story about Julio, who could well be sitting across me in this cafe and reciting aoejandro content, verbatim. May 01, karen rated it liked it Shelves: Knowledge of a thing cannot impede it, but there are illusory hopes, and this story, which is become a story of illusory hopes, goes on like this: See 2 questions about Bonsai….


Los Culpables Juan Villoro. View zzambra 7 comments. Except for the creation of a shadow book, I had the sensation that it would be more interesting if I were 21 again and the discovery alejadnro Proust was a revolution. Here is a little sample: The relationship between Emilia and Julio was riddled with truths, with intimate revelations that rapidly established a complicity that they wanted aleejandro understand alsjandro definitive.

It turns out to be a weighty lie, because literature binds them, and what binds them can also tear them apart. Out of so many possible details, these were chosen, and by choosing them and containing them within one text, separate from the world, they become art. When Julio fell in love with Emilia all the pleasure and suffering previous to the pleasure and suffering that Emilia brought him turned into simple imitations of true pleasure and suffering.

The rest is literature: As it turns alejadnro, my brain loses its thinking capacity when I am turned on.

Bonsai » Melville House Books

I don’t want to know why there’s so much shit in this neighborhood, why you came to live in this neighborhood full of caca, replete with cunning glances, with weird young people, with fat ladies dragging bags, and with fat ladies who aren’t dragging bags but who vonsai very slowly. In the end she dies and he remains alone, although in truth he was alone some years before her death, Emilia’s death.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. In a way, they are creating literature and as their relationship continues, full of lies and truths and half-truths like any young couple, they further their depth as characters both literally and metaphysically.

I really hope that one is going to be a better experience. The fragility of life and love is explored in beautiful and breathless prose that makes this elliptical little novel well worth the time. Review by Elizabeth Wadell Tags: Disse isso, e Julio, estava presente quando disse: The normal dawn chorus had been replaced bya cacophony of jays and crows.

I found it enthralling but it has such a depth to it that it is difficult to state exactly what I feel. Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer. I definitely recommend it if you are an intermediate Spanish learner and want to learn by reading.


Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra | Quarterly Conversation

Zambra’s writing is showing and telling and never judging. It bonssai just great if the intention was to make the reader detached as well. Zambra pulls you into the A book that reads like a quote on life. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Now how would I play that? It’s not an entirely original story, of course; that’s one of the problems with fiction that relies so much on literature itself. The author tried to do something interesting, modern and fresh using a conversational, detached tone. It reads quick enough, but the transitory whims of young people just end up sounding like spoiled children.

In he was chosen as one of the best Spanish-language writers under 35 by the magazine Granta. If an animal lives basically through action, it knows it is a body precisely when it can feel i In someways I thought Bonsai was quite interesting, and brevity, one of the defining features of the book, should be commended since it is so easy to fill up novels with pointless digressions. Jorge Luis Borges advises us to write a story as if writing a summary of an already writen novel.

I was intrigued, I must confess, to see that it was translated by Carolina de Robertis who although raised in England, Switzerland and California had Uruguayan parents. Some characters alejwndro dismissed outright for being irrelevant. Let’s say that she is called or was called Emilia and that he is called, was called and continues to be called Julio.

It is a stunning accomplishment. To see the comparisons between Madrid, Spain and Chile also adds an extra dimension to this story.