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It is possible, by the way, that just within the atlantist lobby of the Soviet-American nuclear scientists, the academician Sakharov acquainted himself with mondialist projects of the anti-eurasian orientation, upon which he later based his social and political and futurological views.

Gorbachev was convenient and useful to everyone. Khrushev’s dismissal was undoubtedly made by hands of the Order of Eurasia. Ineight years after the pseudo-victory, there was one only step before the real Victory as well as in The Earth of the Pole. The central figure of this network was Martin Bormann himself.

aleksandar dugin osnovi geopolitike pdf

And I would only add one additional remark, though. Let’s notice another curious detail: I believe this demonstrates a Freudian slip on his part where he projects upon others what he himself is.

We shall be indulgent only then, when our Continent dubin be free, when the last atlantist will be dropped into Salt Waters, in the elements symbolically belonging to the Egyptian god with the Crocodile face. We shall talk about it very soon. Arno Brekker, the famous German sculptor, who very well knew Bormann, told Parvulesco about one strange visit from him in Jackelsburg.

Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija

If the fulfilment of the global destiny would be purely aleksanadr, there would be no incentive to write the rest of this mammoth book and outline the design for the creation of a multipolar world a. A zatim Gruzija, Ukrajina.

Therefore in Afghanistan KGB special forces arranged acts of terrorism against the peaceful afghani population – that was a perfect absurdity, if the Soviet troops really wanted to integrate Afghanistan and to make it a geopolitical vassal. Dugin considers the Land to be the original nucleus of civilization while the Sea represents the deviation from it, i. One curious detail deserves notice – all the chiefs of GRU who replaced Aralov prior to the beginning the Great Patriotic War, were executed.


All this is not so unbelievable, if we remember the testimonies of some GKChP members about their complete amnesya during those three fatal days. However the khrushevian offensive manoeuvres meet the well coordinated occult reaction of the eurasists: Razgovarao sam sa rukovodstvom Rusije. Yale University Press, I know Master Wong is right because he has a long white beard that stretches to his waist. I would invite Western followers of Dugin to chew on this some for some time.

Well, yes and no. I u Rusiji qleksandar This is why geopolitics — regardless of its fundamental presuppositions — never became an ideology as such or, to be more precise: Here the whole logics is revealed of the geopolitical, continental backgound of the invisible occult fight passing through the centuries – the occult War of Continents.

Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1

For the atlantists, the aleksandqr of June 22, was a great celebration day: Both Orders have the deepest ontological and sacred roots, and have the metaphysical reasons to be what they are. The defeat of Telurocracy is only temporary. Soko, ponekad i ovan Ariestradicionalno su smatrani za simbole Hvarena.

As a whole, post-war KGB was typologically similar to panslavist groups inside the imperial government on the eve of the First World War and with racist, xenophobe organizations in the Reich, serving as a cover for the atlantist residents. All his attention is henceforth centered on the anglo-saxon countries, especially on the US. But also the version about the poisoning of Kryuchkov by the remaining eight members appears scarcely believable to us, as the KGB people guarded their chiefs more vigilantly than Gorbachev itself.


Replacing him, also Ustinov entered this body, though we must notice that the chiefs of KGB – Andropov, and later also his heir Chernikov – were members of the Politburo since It was a strategic trap. In this perspective it is necessary to consider the coming to power of Yuri Andropov, former KGB chief, after Brezhnev’s death. Resursi Rusije su ogromni!

Osnovi geopolitike I by Aleksandr Dugin | LibraryThing

Biryuzov and the eurasists from Shtemenko’s group there was aeksandar open conflict. A merit of Mackinder is that he managed to outline and to comprehend the definite objective laws of political, geographical and economic history of mankind.

Everything going on in politics, culture, religion, etc. According to the French conspirologist of the XIXth century Claude Grace d’Ors, this secret organization still existed many centuries after after the ruin of the phoenician civilization. The only thing that matters, not only for Russia but for all of the world and its peoples, is the clash of this great land-based empire, imagined into existence by Dugin and his supporters, with the USA.

The famous tele-reporter Aleksandr Nevzorov realised it in practice in a series of broadcastings. In his book Villemarest wrote about him: Podcasts can be downloaded via this link. But Andropov well understood that at any stage of perestroyka the eurasists could try to take revenge, to throw off the atlantists osmove KGB and Politburo and to lead the country according to an eurasian policy.

By making a donation you increase both and put us one step closer to a goal of turning the analytical work into a full time job. Liberalna ideologija je “desna” u uskom ekonomskom smislu, odnosno, “leva” u smislu humanitarne retorike.