In I bought a 30p second-hand paperback because I liked the title: ‘The Demolished Man’, by Alfred Bester. This fits into a rare category of. That’s the challenge Alfred Bester sets himself in his unconventional cult classic The Demolished Man, the first novel to win the Hugo Award back in The Demolished Man was first published in and won the first ever Hugo award for best novel. I first read it as a teenager, but haven’t read.

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At many turns, this book sounds overwhelmingly cheesy. What the hell’s the matter with you? After more attempts on his life, and more dreams of the Man demolisher No Face, Reich attempts to kill Powell.

The characters feed data in using punchcards. I’ve found most of the ones I’ve read boring. His reliance on an outmoded Freudian model of the psyche leads to some rather awkward plot developments. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.

The Demolished Man

He won a competition, which led to the publication of his first story, “The Broken Demplished in Thrilling Wonder Stories in Reich suffers recurring nightmares in which a “Man with No Face” persecutes him.

The conception is realistic, exciting, and has enough elements of SF – that of a world teeming with graded Espers or mind-readers who police the world that has now expanded to settle on various planets, and catch the criminal before he can even properly lay on the plan. Reich hires an Esper to ” run interference ” for him—hiding his murderous thoughts from any peepers present at the scene of the planned crime.

But when I add the term “-blog”the count drops to about By the way, this girl is super super hot.

The Demolished Man – Alfred Bester

Telepathy was the biggest gimmick in the book, but it was explored so very thoroughly, as teleportation had been exhausted in The Stars My Destination, that I can do very little but admire how adroitly it dfmolished all pulled off. Why did all of them have to be fawning, helpless creatures waiting in the sidelines for their man to come and deliver them?


Clarke The Dispossessed by Ursula K. The future, it’s dated. Its world is well-imagined; too bad it’s populated with such an irritating cast of characters. He asks the help of every Esper in attempting to arrest Reich, channeling their collective mental energy through Powell in the dangerous telepathic procedure called the “Mass Cathexis Measure”.

All in all a gripping, entertaining and very readable sci-fi classic that should please all sci-fi fans. Tate having peeped the location of D’Courtney’s room, Reich executes his plan during the game. No successful premeditated murder has been committed in 79 years.

Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

If caught Reich will certainly face “Demolition”, a terrible punishment described only at the end of the story. The character suffers a sever shock, has to regress and grow out of childhood all over again with the loving guidance of a ‘father figure’. There is a lot of pop psychology here, and that’s the main basis for everything, so a lot of the characterization doesn’t make enough sense to my ear.

Even without telepathy, Powell knows Reich is guilty when he interviews the guests at the party about D’Courtney and Barbara. Jemisin The Stone Sky by N. View all 7 comments. Powell asks him to surrender, but Reich refuses, relishing the thrill of the hunt to come. But these will be problems for any old technology-laden book.

Can dig more deeply, to the pre-conscious level, detecting subliminal patterns, epiphanies and tenuous associations, and they are employed in the professional middle class—lawyers, managers, psychologists, etc. It could have been amazing – the conception is strong, but fails on account of the clumsy, unbelievable narration.

Last edited or checked June 20, Sometimes this atmosphere is just icky. It’s central idea that criminals should be rehabilitated and returned to function in society remains science-fiction however, indeed one has to wonder where writers get these crazy ideas from.


The Demolished Man : Alfred Bester :

He hatches an elaborate plan involving a book of games, an antique pistol, and a flash grenade that skews a person’s sense of time by wiping out the victim’s rhodopsin otherwise known as visual purple. It is a alcred and fine tribute to the author, and to this book. Be grateful you rarely see the frightening truth in people.

I believe that if the novel was written today, Reich will win the game of power, and the Esper Guild would become an accessory of a mega-rich transnational corporation. The blog content is the sole property of their creators.

You have The Demolished Man. Sep 15, Jenny Reading Envy rated it really liked it Shelves: The pace picked up and I really wanted to find out what happened next.

Do that enough and demoished you’ve got left are the sheep. I especially loved to recall how many other subsequent writers have taken pages from Bester’s book, great reused ideas, sometimes done better, often done much worse. The book is zany, and moves ahead with the brash momentum of a superhero comic book.

The world will be a wonderful place when everyone’s a peeper and everyone’s adjusted He also puts the spotlight on Ben Reich’s personality, ’emphatically’ not a hero but a scoundrel, looking at his motivations, his recurrent nightmares and his forceful bully business and social interactions. Here is an example of mind kan by Powell, watching over a batch of new trainees, each dreaming of what he or she will do with the superpower: In the context of its time I can understand some of the misogyny inherent in the portrayal of women, though I found it awfully difficult to wade through those passages.