Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jane Feather is the New York Times bestselling author of Blackwater Brides: Rushed to the Altar, A Wedding Wager , An Unsuitable Bride: Includes an Excerpt from Jane Feather’s Next Novel – Kindle. An Unsuitable Bride by Jane Feather – The third novel in New York Times bestseller Jane Feather’s sexy and scintillating Blackwater Brides trilogy about the. An Unsuitable Bride by Jane Feather – Long ago, young Viscount Bradley’s prudish family forbade him to marry his beloved. Now, the aging lord has plotted a.

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Feb 28, Linda Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: The Blackwater brothers had extended their protection and friendship, and Marcus and Peregrine had quickly become fast friends once they had discovered a shared passion for science. Our heroine has been befallen by probably the most awful circumstances a rich woman could have befallen at that time period.

The professions of love came out of nowhere and weren’t really earned. He became aware of a strange sound over his shoulder.

Alex and her sister cook up a scheme to make things right.

An Unsuitable Bride eBook by Jane Feather | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae. He followed Marcus into the salon. Unsuiitable was a pleasant thatched building in the Queen Anne style, nowhere near as impressive as the Abbey itself but rather inviting. She began writing in after another move, this time to Washingt Jane Robotham was born on in Cairo, Egypt, where her British parents were stationated. Someone to Wed Westcottbook 3 Mary Balogh. Her descriptions flow and it feels you are right there with the main characters.


Their father meant to see to their futures but died before he could, and his penny-pinching heir, a distant cousin, has refused to support them. Peregrine swallowed his surprise at this riposte. Being now a darling older lady myself I understand the draw, but it is certainly not brid to women of a certain age.

An Unsuitable Bride

I didn’t really enjoy this one. She was crossing the hall to the drawing unsitable as the butler opened the door to two young men. The Lady Most Willing He waits, he moans, he feels sorry for himself.

University of British Columbia. Everything was in order. I confess I can barely hold my patience until I can see the library.

An Unsuitable Bride | Book by Jane Feather | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

In addition, she is advising her cousin who does not recognize her on ho Alexandra Douglas and her sister, Sylvia, who unsuitaable an invalid have been left penniless after the death of their father. But his efforts are rebuffed; Alexandra will take care of herself and her sister, thank you very much. However, great writing is not the only thing jaen makes a book great. Price may vary by retailer. Jane Robotham was born on in Cairo, Egypt, where her British parents were stationated.


It never felt like she got the justice for which she was looking. A lamentable closing to this trilogy as this was the weakest book. What the Duke Desires. He knows there is a secret to be discovered festher closely observes her. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady. I wish the pace had been a little more spread out.

Books by Jane Feather.

More like lelaki Malas ku ingaukan abiskan membaca buku ani. I finished it quickly because I was on a camping trip and it was a pleasant way to pass the time a the beach. Peregrine Sullivan is one of three destitute brothers whose wealthy, debauched uncle has decided to avenge some grievances against his family by forcing his three heirs to marry unsuitable wom Alexandra Douglas and her invalid sister were left penniless and fatherless when their parents divorced.

There was no other theft that was provable. She smiled amiably at Peregrine and dabbed a lavender-soaked scrap of lace at her temples. Mun aku perempuan atu bah, bukan lagi ku tampar.