Rajeshkumar et al. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. ANTICANCER ACTIVITY OF ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA. showing anticancer activity on HEp2 – Human larynx carcinoma cell lines in-vitro KEYWORDS: Andrographis paniculata,Herbal medicine. A refined extract of A. paniculata, also significantly reduces activities of lipid .. The anticancer activity was observed due to the presence of andrographolide.

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BioMed Research International

Introduction Salinity is a major abiotic stress that causes important alterations in the plant growth and development. The trend of proline and the three main phytochemicals in tolerant accession were linear and positive, while in sensitive accession they were nonlinear. In this regard, our results indicated that proline as well as the AG and NAG contents is positively correlated with the substrate concentration of salt, paniculara which the tolerant andrographos were higher in proline, AG, and NAG contents compared with the sensitive ones.

Increases in certain amino acids including prolinesugars including sucrose, fructose, and glucoseand polyols including inositols have been reported in some plant species like grapevine [ 7 ], Limonium latifolium [ 8 ], and Lotus japonicas [ 9 ]. The human tumor cytotoxicity was determined by the protocols established by NCI Monks et al. Interestingly, the correlation between proline as well as NAG with the other measured morphological characteristics was significant and positive in the salt-stressed plants.

One mL of each sample was finally filtered into HPLC vials using disposable polypropylene syringe filters with 0.


Accumulation of compatible oof is nontoxic and does not disturb cellular functions even when they are present in high concentrations. The combination of both the plants 1: Chemotherapy is a major clinical treatment used for the control of advanced stages of malignancies and metastasis.

Five human cancer cell lines i. To the best of our reference, the only conducted research related to salt stress in A. So, here we are using the natural drugs from phytochemicals to reduce the toxicity level. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. In conclusions, the result supports the use of the plant as described in folk medicine, that the aerial plant parts can be used to treat cancer.

There were strong relationships between most studied traits. Phyto chemical analysis of hydroalcoholic extract of A. After panidulata a period of day salinity stress and before flowering, acfivity plants were harvested and the data on morphological traits, proline content and the three anticancer phytochemicals, including andrographolide AGneoandrographolide NAGand deoxy,didehydroandrographolide DDAGwere measured. These neutral organic compounds can also improve the inhibitory effects of high ion concentrations on enzymatic activitg without interfering with antlcancer structure and function [ 35 ].

Phenotypic correlation coefficient r among morphological and phytochemical traits in A. Fundamentally, it can be concluded that if the production of anticancer phytochemicals of A. Anticancer activity of hydroalcoholic extract of A.

Analysis of the Anticancer Phytochemicals in Andrographis paniculata Nees. under Salinity Stress

The authors would like to thank Mr. The results indicated that salinity had a significant effect on the aforementioned three anticancer phytochemicals.

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Hepatoprotective and antioxidant property of Andrographis paniculata Nees in BHC induced liver damage in mice. Van Der Hejden, H. The concentrated extract was transferred into conical flasks and pamiculata remaining solvent was removed. Again, the combination 1: Protective effects of silymarin against photocarcinogenesis in a mouse skin model. The stock solution was diluted with the same solvent to produce different concentration of working standards 0.

Since the highest amount activiyt the active components is found just before the plant blooms [ 39 ], the day-old plants were subjected to different salinity levels. Phytochemicals, such as flavonols and flavonoids were investigated to determine chemoprevention activity against cancer Conese and Blasi, From natural products to drug discovery.

Many of those metabolic changes such as sucrose, oligosaccharides, polyhydric alcohols, proline, and polyamines are observable in the leaves of plants exposed to abiotic stresses [ 4 ]. HDACs are the epigenetic manipulators which plays an important role in the gene silencing which leads to the initiation of cancer and rapid proliferation. The antioxidant phytochemicals protect the cells from oxidative damage.

Among cancer especially prostrate cancer has been responsible for drastic mortality rate in males. View at Google Scholar H. View at Google Scholar.

Feasibility of a high-flux anticancer drug screen using a diverse panel of cultured human tumor cell lines.