Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: AVC-R Wiring Diagram. Uploaded by Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: AVC-R Wiring Diagram. A’PEXi. AVC-R Installation. *Do this at your own risk. we dont guarantee anything . Make sure you know exactly what you are doing, viagra 40mg and that you. How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller. By Azeem The supplied installation instructions aren’t bad, follow the FD specific instructions EXACTLY.

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Very good Guide feller. I understand to some pulling out a laptop and making changes is a pain. Wire colours and what they are I still have yet to see a port solenoid actuate well enough to allow enough “gain” to control how the turbo actually will “spool”, and not just based on duty cycle.

Apexi AVCR help install – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

If the displayed boost level is below 1. Once you have mounted it plumb it in like so Your question will be posted in:. Once, you located a spot for the solenoid, securely attach is using the supplied 4 screws and the rubber base to dampen the vibration. Do this ’til you get it just right…and hit 1.

How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller

HT members, does this diagram look correct to install?? The AVCR is very convenient to use. Let the car warm up and then go for a drive I have no idea why they put such massive connectors on the parts, but there we go I personally do not run one, but always interested in reading about them.

  ISO 6194-4 PDF

I love mine, once you get to know it, it acr your best friend. I ran the tube from my old boost gauge through the bulkhead and then zip tied all wires for the map sensor to the end, and gentle pulled them through by pulling the tube back To save a lot of writing, I’m insrallation going to put this link in Find More Posts by dotasefu.

I used ‘RPM’ wiring, not ‘injector duty’ wiring.

This is the mxnual bit. Quote message in reply? For the solenoid I still cut the connector off but ran these wires through the wing and took the indicator out to pull them through. I guess the translator didnt know the English word. That is another manuaal why some people who connect their RPM wire to somewhere else other than 58, experience extreme boost-overshoot problems…getting a correct RPM readout will help correct such problems.

Many have often complained that their AVC-R does not save their new settings. Try to locate the solenoid as close to the waste-gate actuator as possible and use the least amount of vacuum hose as possible.

Run a line from the front of your inlet to your dumpvalve. External wastegate setup shown below. Posted February 28, Even like installation it was hard.

AVC-R Installation

If not, how would you reroute or edit this diagram picture. If one is man enough to take the time to know how to use it. To fix this, go into the settings under “ETC”, select car selection or whatever its called and put in the correct settings! The single most time-consuming step is splicing into the ECU wires. If there is a problem with the install, i. Find More Installatipn by Tony the Tiger.


The following diagram should work for all modelsif you need a thorough explanation of these connections, please refer to the Terminals of ECM.

Run a line from COM to the top of the wastegate. Go To Topic Listing Electronics. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

New avc-r install instructions & basic tuning –

My boost pattern isdip to 5 before transition and then back to 7 to redline. Sections of the top and bottom of pocket must be removed, but the dash does not need to be touched, and the pocket door and spring mechanism work fine.

instaklation So I attempt to explain what each of the parameters does along with how to set it. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Send a private message to non-VTEC.

Originally Posted by 92redhatch. Apex’i is still a great company, contrary to young people’s belief. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Apply the same technique for all other boost settings. By aaddzzJanuary mannual, in Electronics. STEP 4 Wiring harness Start with harness inside the car and run the solenoid and pressure sensor wires into the engine compartment. Put everything back together – enough to drive car.