For your safety requirements, you seek effective, appropriate solutions (service, commercial and industrial activities and plant rooms): APSAD certification is the. Référentiel APSAD R31 Edition septembre – Version numérique. 9/1/ . Référentiel APSAD R17 Edition mars – Version numérique. 3/1/ Apsad r1 gratuit apsad r1 pdf apsad r17 ampmiddot apsad r13 ampmiddot apsad . Sprinkler: for the range of listed NO pumps, conformity of the.

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The systems must then operate flawlessly, especially when they involve the protection of human life. APSAD certification is the trust mark for services offered by professionals who, through their skills, resources and organisation, deliver services that reduce the risk of fire or intrusion.

Be careful, switch language will empty your cart. Newsletter Keep up to date with the latest industry regulations and product innovations, register to receive our newsletter. The French standards concerning natural smoke ventilation equipment and its installation are in series NF S x, including:. For Public Buildings, the legal requirements are indicated in the “Safety regulations to prevent the risk of fire and panic in public buildings,” i.

The information below is general. Calculate the number of smoke ventilation systems needed in your building. Overview of smoke ventilation regulations for stairways [ PDF – A comprehensive approach with certified associated products. Business name Reference or brand.

Delivery of compliance documents after the outcome of the initial and periodic audits. Consider for example article MS 68 Administrative decision of 25 June Contractual, measured customer satisfaction. Fire safety systems shall be maintained in suitable operating condition and shall be covered by a maintenance contract Regulations – Smoke ventilation There is an abundance of regulations concerning Fire Safety in France.


Keep up to date with the latest industry regulations and product innovations, register to receive our newsletter. Safety systems are usually systems “pending” use which can occur several years after they are commissioned.

Regulations – Smoke ventilation

Business name Name Reference or trademark. What are you looking for?

Consultancy and technical assistance. The compartments must be of similar sizes and shall be delimited by the roof configuration or compartment screens. It mainly concerns industrial premises. A specialized organization for the business in question. APSAD certification is the ideal trust mark. In this overview of regulations proposed by ECODIS, we have only taken into consideration natural smoke ventilation solutions. All information provided free of charge in this summary of regulations is provided as a general overview of a regulatory environment, which by definition is complex and evolving.

Product family Skylights Arcade and saddle rooflights Solar protection Ventilation solutions Smoke ventilation systems Facade windows Operating systems Roof access Special products Roof safety.

Conformity assessment and testing. In all cases it is important to distinguish between legal obligations arising from the law Safety Regulations for Public Buildings, Labour Code, Construction Code, etc.

Installation and initial verification: View the overview tables:. Operating and maintenance rules NF S Apxad summaries presented in this section shall in no event engage the responsibility of ECODIS and to ensure compliance you should always contact duly accredited agencies specialised in technical and regulatory inspections.


The Safety Regulations applicable to Public buildings, the Labour Code, the Administrative Decision of 2 August for covered warehouses section Classified facilities for the protection of the environmentetc. Regulations exist for each type of building, according to its intended use.

Apsad r1 PDF download

Support throughout the service life of the safety system user training, maintenance, periodic audits. Horizontal passageways shall feature mechanical smoke ventilation. Installation rules NF S A comprehensive, sustainable approach. Technical knowledge, specialised business line skills and know-how. View the overview table:. R177 advice for the protection of people, property and the environment.

R17 regulation for all building types [ PDF – Smoke ventilation is an important factor to take into account in the construction or renovation of a building. The performance of safety systems requires special “business line” skills and know-how. Execution rules are mainly defined in the Technical Instruction ITwhich itself refers to applicable NF standards. The provision of a passport Nx and health bulletin Qx for your safety system.

Join us On Facebook Follow us on Twitter. A guarantee of continuity of the lines and appliances used. Please contact us for more precise information specific to your situation. If you want qpsad discuss a project with us, submit a question or just say hello There is an abundance of regulations concerning Fire Safety in France.