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AR ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN (ACAP) PROGRAM. AR ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN (ACAP) PROGRAM. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. Army Family Action Plan Program Per AR , the Army Family Action Plan Program will be implemented to provide forums for Soldiers, retirees, DA civilians . AR –1. Army Community Service. This expedite revision, dated 19 October — o Incorporates Army Directive –35, Transitional.

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Let’s rock, ya don’t stop, rock the rhythm that’ll make your body rock. You’ve never understood how that’s supposed to make sense. Your eyes deviate from the road to watch, only for a second. She jumps down and walks over to the low end of the log balance beam. You need to just get to your car so you can run away and go hide out in your room like the big baby she must ae you ae. Her face is reddening from the effort, and you can see how tight her jaw is as she pulls herself up.

Her hands snakes out waving around like a fish traveling through an imaginary lake, “We’re just gonna take the long way.

Sergeant Anderson is doing a very good job at getting you and Evan’s prepared. You can’t believe she’s about to let you do it. Really, she doesn’t have a choice, she 68-47 be stupid to take the written reprimand. Why are they doing this? It’s fraternization, it’s unprofessional, it could cost you your rank, your career, and worse-hers; but you can’t stay away. You find it hilarious for some reason and it’s enough to break the tension.

He asked about your pre-deployment arrangements and where you’re planning to store the stuff you aren’t taking with you. She rolls her eyes, still smiling, “And the iPod, listen to whatever you like, I don’t think there’s anything on there older than Madonna.


AR 608-47 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Program

The medic looks at you curiously, confused by you change in attitude. You figure most of them are for running.

Her holding you close like this, tightly, like she’s scare to let go. It’s like they’re jinxing you. You don’t want her to think of you as a kitten. You click on it, wondering if it’s some kind of band and why it sounds so familiar. You park as they hover on the sidewalk.

Now, you’re trying to set up your life so you can leave for a year. You feel bad for Motta. Her first instinct was to protect you,” you make sure she understands what’s going on here, ” my NCOs would have left me out to hang and then laugh when I got caught. In another world, you would have replied with a flirty message about how you couldn’t wait to see her. She makes soldiers want to work for her.

You remember feeling special when someone actually seemed to care. She goes a few more verses before changing the song to some dance remix and you literally have no words.

She’s stopped a few times and keeled over like she was going to hurl, but SSG Pierce’s insistent little push got her going again. You don’t recognize the cowbell and or bass track intro, but when the lyrics pick up, you recognize it and she knows every word. It doesn’t come out as convincing as you wanted and she gives you a look to match, putting her hands on her hips, one eye disappearing into her hairline.

You see her eyes like you’ve never been able to see them before; wide yet focused, vibrant with the prettiest shade of blue and—they glance down. You can turn right and keep driving, together. While she knows you from around the company, you’ve never spoken… not in friendly terms anyway.


You make a left down Tiny Town road. Your foot is barely out the backdoor before you stop.

If there’s a way to swirl a milkshake in an intimidating manner, you’re doing it. But then again, if she suddenly has more time on her hands, it’s not like you’re going to be around for her to spend it with you.

You have this crazy urge to stand—and not because it’s gentlemanly when a woman approaches a table—because when and NCO addresses you, you should be standing. You’re not going crazy, Peggy Lee and Etta James are on the screen and each have a handful of songs. She has to be like twelve. Ten at the least.

She’s taking off her uniform jacket and tossing it in the back. I love you Santana, but I am not strong enough to see you go. It’s all so complicated. You don’t offer her any help, because if she’s anything like SFC Fabray, she won’t want it. As you walk, you’re looking around for anyone else you care about that might need a heads up.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your shoulders are quaking with an effort to keep in your laughter. You’re not surprised the sergeant on staff duty called to break it up. You’re not sure what she’s planning, why she needs you, or why you feel so at ease in the passenger’s seat of her jeep, but youre going to go with it because she needs you.