of ARRI. If you find any problems in the documentation, please report ARRI ALEXA Studio camera with optical or ARRI EVF-1 electronic. At the pinnacle of the range is the ALEXA Studio, featuring a quiet, adjustable mirror shutter and an optical viewfinder that provides a real-time, high contrast. ARRI recommends that all users of the ALEXA read the manual in its .. Use of the mains unit is recommended for shooting in the studio and.

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Tc time Code Main Controls Page 85 Electronic level Overlay showing the horizontal levelling of the camera. ARRI cannot be held responsible for the loss of any data in conjunction with internal recording! Time Currently set time. Contact an ARRI service center near you.

If the camera is over- or under-cranking, the TC frame rate will no longer match the sensor frame rate, so that TC values would either be duplicate or dropped.

They consist of a number of function buttons and a jogwheel. Page 68 TC count and continues counting on its own. The reliability of ARRI cameras was outstanding and indeed a relief. False Color Peaking Zoom. This screen shows the type of motor connected to the IRIS socket, its direction and torque.


Recorded file contains 4K cine standard width with extra height for VFX tracking markers or repositioning. The torx screws on the camera that are painted red may not be tightened or loosened, as this would corrupt the alignment of the OVF.

When the Homescreen arrl displayed, the brightness of the display can quickly be adjusted by turning the jogwheel while pressing the BACK button. False Color Display Six different colors are used to show the important luminance ranges. These cards have an ExpressCard34 form factor and are currently available with 8, 16 or 32 GB storage space. Frame Grabs Main Controls Infos And Warnings Special warnings and errors: To remove the field lens, which is located above the ground glass: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


Page 84 Frame lines are a reference for framing that typically consist of an image frame, a center mark and an aspect ratio reference. Specific Safety Instructions If the sensor cover glass stduio been contaminated by solid dirt or grease, special optical cleaning kits should be used for dirt removal under very high care!

Manual and auto white balance, adjustable from K to K in K steps.

The viewfinder image stays upright and correct left-to-right when the viewfinder is swivelled within the main axis. Page Appendix Appendix Total active pixels x incl.


This file system is read-only for computers, which means data can be copied from the card to another device, but the data cannot be manipulated on the card itself. TC source forced to Sensor fps does not match Project fps. With SxS recording off, power consumption is reduced by 15 W.

We had a lot of shoulder-mounted shots and there were caves that only allowed two people to squat in; this would have been very hard for a big camera. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Connectors Connectors Connectors Camera back Figure A higher input voltage range allows more flexibility on battery choice. Page 91 Influences naming of clips on SxS cards. This product contains licensed technology from Linotype.


SxS Slots On the SD card, the folder structure presented in the following example should be created by the user prior to first use of the card. The user list should only contain the lenses currently used to achieve quick access to the desired lens tables. Flexible monitoring options 4 independent monitoring outputs: Consist of a 3″ LCD-screen controls with screen buttons changing their behavior depending on the screen content, a jogwheel to navigate through menus and adjust parameters and a range of function buttons with dedicated behavior.

It also means fewer cables around the camera and fewer associated problems, since cable failure is by far the most common technical hitch on set. Main Controls White balance and color compensation should be adjusted only with the help of appropriate equipment. No, it does not. To reduce the risk of condensation: Manual and auto white balance, adjustable from K to K in 10K steps. Go to the main archive list and press ADD. This means that the dynamic range is almost evenly distributed above and below neutral grey with very low noise in the dark parts of the image and a very clean and smooth clipping behavior in the bright parts.

Activate it through User rectangles. Info on installed SUP Sensor Active Image Area dimensions. In no event shall ARRI or its subsidiaries be liable for or have a remedy for recovery of any special, direct, indirect, incidental, or Comments to this Manuals Your Name.