Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Arthur and Gorlagon, an anonymous twelfth-century Cymro-Latin. Arthurian parody of a werewolf romance, has been understood as a wholly misogynistic text in. Get this from a library! Arthur and Gorlagon. [George Lyman Kittredge; Bodleian Library.].

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Kittredgeof Harvard, from the late 14th century Bodleian parchment MS. A story, not necessarily the Wooing of Etainbut one constructed on similar lines, was, so Professor Kittredge assumes, amalgamated with the Werewolf’s Tale in somewhat the same stage of development as we find the latter in Bisclaveretand thus originated the postulated version X.

When the bystanders saw too late what had happened they pursued the wolves with shouts. So the sewer was brought half dead to the guest-chamber. After these events news was brought to the Queen that the King was returning sooner than had been expected. The wolf became a man as he had been before, though far more beautiful and comely, being now possessed of such grace that one could at once detect that he was a man of great nobility.

So the King set out, and the wolf remained with the Queen. But X itself, as we have seen, cannot have come from Marie’s lay; both must go back ultimately to a common source. When it took place the Etain type had already in all likelihood suffered considerable change. Etain is an immortal, wife of Mider; reborn in mortal form she is met at a spring side by Eochaid, King of Ireland, who is seeking a wife, but will not be content save with one, “whom no man of the men of Erin had known before him.

We must thus assume that Arthur and Gorlagon and Morraha go back to a common original, itself akin to Melionbut neither derived from, nor the source of, that version.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon

The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. Write a review Rate this item: So he called his Queen, and said, “As I must go on this journey at once, I commend this wolf to gorllagon protection, and I command you to keep him in my stead, if he will stay, and to minister to his wants.

For he always lay chained, up though the King had commanded that he should be chained up at night only. For he understands perfectly whatever we say to him: But as there was some delay in searching for the key—for the Queen had hidden it away—the wolf, unable to endure the delay, drew back a little, and spreading out the claws of his four paws he rushed headlong at the door, and driving it in, threw gorlsgon down upon the middle of the floor broken arthuf shattered.


Be attentive and I will proceed. Thither the mortal husband follows and—should recover her.

Catalog Record: Arthur and Gorlagon : versions of The | Hathi Trust Digital Library

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When, however, she found that the King was returning, she concealed the sapling under her sleeve, which hung down long and loose, and went to the threshold of the door to meet him, and throwing her arms around him she embraced him as though she would have kissed him, and then suddenly thrust the sapling out from her sleeve and struck him on the head with it once and again, crying, “Be a wolf, be a wolf,” meaning to add “and have the understanding of a wolf,” but she added instead the words “have the understanding of a man.

Gorlsgon sewer was flayed alive and hanged. Niall knew language of animals, and casually learnt thereby the existence of the magic rod; he laughed, had, on his wife’s insistence, to explain why, was by her changed first into a raven, then into atrhur horse, fox, wolf. It continued to live on in the Golragon area subject aand both elaboration and change, until it assumed that form in which it is still found among the peasantry of Ireland and Scotland.

Arthur and Gorlagon

Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. The oldest recorded version of Marie’s Bisclaveret belongs to this stage of development. Then the adulterer and adulteress were brought into his presence, and he yorlagon consulted as to what he judged ought to be done with them.

The Athur seeing a man of such great beauty metamorphosed from a wolf standing before him, and pitying the wrongs the ad had suffered, ran forward with great joy and embraced him, kissing and lamenting him and shedding tears.

Please enter your name. But even within the range of Gaelic romance, closely though it clings to ancient convention, slightly as it is affected by non-Gaelic culture, there can be traced a change from this superb, over-moral attitude on the part of the woman to one more consonant with ordinary human conditions.

Your rating has been recorded. And when I have told you all, you will be but little arhhur wiser. We saw above that both are distinguished from Arthur and Gorlagon by the more lenient view taken of the wife’s conduct and by the fact that the latter returns to her father’s land whither she is followed by the transformed husband.

Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. You are pleased then to hear what follows. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest arthjr study. Both style themselves “Breton lays”; one, the Lai de Melionis certainly not later thanand may be much earlier; the other, the Lai de Bisdaveret of Marie de France, is not later than This tale, as is evident, stands in close relation to both Arthur and Gorlagon and to Morrahaand represents a simpler stage of development.


At a third attempt he secures the sword, and threatening the owner with it, learns, at the persuasion of latter’s wife, the story. But the wolf, perceiving that the King was desirous of lifting him up, leapt up, and joyfully sat upon the neck of the charger in front of the King.

Who is that woman sitting opposite you of a sad countenance, and holding before her in a dish a human head bespattered with blood, who has wept whenever you have smiled, and who has kissed the bloodstained head gorlagoon you have kissed your wife during the telling of your tale?

However, he had scarcely entered the city when the whole course of events became clear to him. Twice Arthur yields to nad invitation to dismount and eat, and it is only on his showing himself firm that, at the third attempt, he meets with success.

Acting on the advice of his fairy wife, hero rides to her father, is there furnished with another horse that brings him to owner of the gorlavon of light, Niall.

After these events the King pondered over the extraordinary sagacity and industry of the wolf with close attention and great persistence, and afterwards discussed the subject more fully with his wise men, asserting that a being who was clearly annd with such great intelligence must have the understanding of a man, “for no beast,” he argued, “was ever gorkagon to possess such great wisdom, or to show such great devotion to any one as this wolf has shown to me.

Arthur and Gorlagon Author: The Queen, however, overwhelmed with sorrow at the calamity, gave orders to her retainers to keep a careful watch for the return of the wolves. The statement really testifies to a confused reminiscence of the essential identity of the three informants. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. The same contamination with the Gellert story appears as in Arthur and Gorlagon ; also with the gorlagln of the Child-Stealing Monster.

For yours anf a mighty gorlgon, and there are few who know how to answer it: The wolf being desirous of crossing the sea, is standing on the beach. The three names if we disregard T orleil as due to a scribal error are variant Welsh terms signifying Werwolfand in fact etymologically allied to the Teutonic term. There was a king well known to me, noble, accomplished, rich, and far-famed for justice and for truth.

No one familiar with Gaelic story-telling whether in its Irish or Scotch form can fail to recognise in Arthur and Gorlagon an example of the genre.