This page was last edited on 27 February , at (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms. The ‘Aseret haDibrot (“Ten Commandments”, as they are [inaccurately] called [ see below]), have always been a source of tension and conflict in Judaism. On the. Learn about the Jewish understanding of the Ten Commandments, known in Judaism as Aseret ha-Dibrot. Provides a Jewish perspective on the controversy.

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This simplicity is presumably what prompted Ronald Reagan to make the statement cited above.

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There are commandments, not 10 The “Ten Commandments” are categories The 10 are divided into duties to Hasibrot and duties to people Different religions divide the 10 in different ways. The rabbis teach that our parents are our jadibrot and stand in a relationship to us akin to our relationship to the Divine.

See Rabbi Michael Susman’s discussion entitled “Yitro But there is an additional aspect of this controversy that is of concern from a Jewish perspective. Back Site Map Next. I’d like to present three of them here. According to Judaism, the Aseret ha-Dibrot identify the following ten categories of mitzvot. These are conditional laws, which typically start with “If” hadibroot proceed with “then. They are the foundation stones of Western Civilization.

The answer is that Leviticus 5 is a legal system, while the Ten Commandments are a azeret framework. Pirkei Avot, a book of the Mishnahteaches “Be as meticulous in performing a ‘minor’ mitzvah as you are with a ‘major’ one, because you don’t know what kind of reward you’ll get for various mitzvot.


This is the heart of the controversy. They are simple and easy to memorize, declarative, and unconditional. Studies in the Book of Deuteronomy Wipf and Stock,p. These may seem like trivial differences to some, but they are serious issues to those of us who take these words seriously. I can’t correct my mistakes or add new material if it’s on your site. But one critical question seems to have escaped most of the public dialog on the subject: If only following them were equally simple!

When a government agency chooses one version over another, it implicitly chooses one religion over another, something that the First Amendment prohibits. Often in the Chumash, a prohibition appears along with the punishment for violating it.

Aseret HaDibrot (the 10 Commandments) – NSW Board Of Jewish Education

According to Jewish tradition, G-d gave the Jewish people mitzvot commandments. DeMille, the director of the epic film “The Ten Commandments,” was one of the people involved in this effort.

However, if one must choose between fulfilling an obligation to G-d and aswret an obligation to a person, or if one must prioritize them, Judaism teaches that the obligation to a person should be fulfilled first. Every law in the Code of Hammurabi is conditional. No two religions agree on a single list.

For a chart that compares the differences between the two styles within the Torah, see this note: By posting these words prominently and referring to them as ” The Ten Commandments,” as if there weren’t any others, which is what many people think schools and public buildings may be teaching a message that Judaism specifically and consciously rejected.


Sinai to the Israelites, hsdibrot they are changing it now.

Judaism Aseret ha-Dibrot: The “Ten Commandments”

Hence the need for a simple statement of basic principles that everyone can remember and recite. The Talmud gives another example, disapproving of a man who, engrossed in prayer, would ignore the cries of a drowning man.

The Torah’s laws are similar in hzdibrot ways to Ancient Near Eastern law codes, and different in other ways. Lawyers and lawmakers aren’t known for being brief and succinct, to say the least.

These two tablets are parallel and equal: Bible scholar Moshe Weinfeld argues that the Ten Commandments had a more elevated purpose than merely designating the permitted, the forbidden, and the obligatory:. I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.

Whose “Ten Commandments” asere we post? In other words, by leaving out judicial punishments from the Aseret HaDibrot, God was presenting them as a proclamation comparable to the Declaration of Independence.

Ten Commandments

And once we decide on a list, what translation should we post? Protestantism, unlike Judaism and Catholicism, considers the prohibition against idolatry to be separate from the prohibition against worshipping other gods. Nevertheless, we have a tradition that there are commandments, not just ten.