However, in February, I am going to the Czech Republic for five months, There, I picked up a copy of Assimil “Tcheque sans Peine”. Yes. Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. This is clearly illustrated by the 4+ star reviews on Amazon for the majority of. Un livre seul. Le tchèque est une langue slave occidentale très ancienne,aujourd ‘hui parlé par environ 11 millions de locuteurs. Destination touristique de choix.

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Otherwise, I’ll rephrase it tomorrow. Using the French will hopefully get me to think more about the underlying meaning and structures of the phrases than a simple direct-to-English translation. I’ve the same problem with french but it has only two genders. No registered users and 1 guest. I tried another course, Beginner’s Czech by Iva Cerna and Jolana Machalek but it basically only had dialogues and few grammar explanations.

I will have to wait until I progress to the further lessons to see just how much I am picking up from the book.

Le Tchèque

I reckon if you know German it might even help, as doesn’t German have case endings?? But why are so many people learning Czech right now? No, I did not: See you in Prague, Mr Kaufmann, Sir! That is, trying to infer the grammar and decipher the case endings and anticipate verb tenses, all the while working backwards from the afore-mentioned supplementary materials, was simply not worth the additional effort. MikeBond, I guess I’d have to agree that Slavic languages aren’t impossible ;- Having said that, someone did once tell me that I would need to marry a Russian woman and live in Moscow for at least 10 years in order to have a hope of speaking accurate Russian!

I much prefer to have a concrete rule – even if I have to beat up my brain to learn it! Hey, don’t be put off by those huge grammar tables! I’d really like to start learning Czech – but alas it seems like it’s going to be a fairly long time before we ever see it added to the languages at LingQ.


It would probably take one to something approaching the A2 level provided one put in the necessary hours of study. As I say the comment of JayB, I immediately wrote to him on his wall: Click here to see the comments! I hope it’s clear. Indiana University Celtie Recorded Materials Archives This site has free audio files that were recorded to accompany some older texts.

I really like that both the audio and book are available as a complete package, especially because the audio is directly related to awsimil text. You’re right that Czecb isn’t nearly so easy in this regard! Accordingly, the notes would be a little skeletal.

I’m kind of beginning to wonder just what I’ve let myself in for here!? I seem to remember Steve saying somewhere that he quite liked the Colloquial series – but perhaps I’m wrong about that?

You repeat each sentence aloud to practice your pronunciation, with the help of easy phonetic spellings and, better still, recordings. She promised to buy me the Assimil Czech method in full when my birthday comes so Remembering the endings, and the slight differences in usage, is another story.

They might even know whether or not audio recordings exist for their “Contemporary Czech” textbook and, if so, where to locate them. Complete Czech Again, I would imagine that you’re familiar with the series. I agree fzech you cannot learn a language by learning declension or conjugation tables only. So technically it was a first “L2”, kind of, anyway I am returning back to it.

Czech for English Speakers

Posted by Alex Williamson at 3: Yes, JayB, don’t be afraid of Czech. But I see the advantages on holidays: I’m going to start with this right away. When I start learn languages related to languages I know, Portuguese, for example, I normally have a look at these tables. It’s just getting familiar with the initially strange grammar of Slavic languages. You know Polish team freezed in progress Each chapter includes a brief dialogue although these grow longer as you progress and notes on content.


English Choose a language for shopping. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but I do kind of wonder? Let us wish you a happy birthday! Vera Thanks ;- As a native speaker you will always know straight away what the correct genders are.

At the moment there’s not much point in doing so, since we can’t really do anything with them. Then, once you had absorbed or assimilated the meanings of the word associations, you began to link words and form your own sentences.

You can learn it for sure. There is as well the czechpod mutation assiml I don’t know how much content there is, considering their varying quality and limited content when it comes even to langauges of the popularity of Swedish and Polish.

I’m going through it now, and if Czecg hadn’t had knowledge of French, I’m sure I would have been lost long ago. I’d love to learn more Czech in the future. Thursday, October 18, Assimil Czech.

Plan for Czech – A language learners’ forum

I’m glad to hear you’re excited, but it will take a while. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

The things that one book may not cover to your satisfaction, the other one s will.