ASTM E() – Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size Using Semiautomati. Purchase your copy of ASTM E – 97() as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards. The ASTM Designation: E–97 requires five hundred data points for a given sample and this analysis is time-consuming and tedious for the.

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A histogram of the chord intercept lengths can also be constructed as described in Only whole grains should be in the test area. Excessively deep scratches, excessive relief, preparation-induced deformation, pull-out and other artifacts will produce false detail and promote inaccurate measurements.

However, these techniques must be used with caution because skeletonization can produce false grain boundaries and watershed segmentation may not produce grain boundaries between two adjacent grains with similar color or gray level.

ASTM E1382 – 97(2015)

No restrictions except for the diameter of a circular test grid; the number of grains per? If measurements were made on only a single plane, for example, the longitudinal plane, report that this was done and the nature of the test method, plus the statistical evaluation of the data. The nature of the heat treatment is usually important, particularly the tempering temperature, if used. Precision and Bias For automatic image analysis, a? Count only whole grains within a known test area.

These images, which usually exhibit low light intensities, can be measured using a digitizing tablet but may be more difficult to measure with automatic image analyzers. Consequently, the imaging system must be kept clean. The mean lineal intercept length,?


astn Anisotropy indexes for the two perpendicular test orientations on the transverse and planar surfaces revealed values of 0. M 4 for three atm circles of diameter d1, d2, and d3 and magni?

Detect the grain interiors in the manner described in This measurement can be performed using? Measure the entire area of the largest observed grain section.

Grains intersecting the test area border must be deleted see Table 1. Easily measured using a digitizing tablet and by automatic image analysis after a minor amount of image editing. If a programmable stage is available, set the stage controls to sample the image in a systematic manner. Ais obtained from the three N specimen, N three principle planes: Asfm, the method is less efficient than the intercept procedures. It is assumed that when a number of?

Nuclear fissile materials, see These features must be eliminated from the image before automatic image analysis is conducted. Round off the grain size number to the nearest tenth unit.

L is the number of grains intercepted per unit length. Store the areas of each grain in memory. Such images exhibit grain contrast or color differences between grains rather wstm grain boundary delineation. Light pen, mouse, or trackball editing of images to complete missing grain boundaries before measurement is an acceptable technique, although slow.

ASTM E()_图文_百度文库

Depending on e132 method used, a mean value of the particular microstructural feature is determined which can be used to calculate, or estimate, the ASTM grain size number, G. If this cannot be done, count every other triple point intersection twice.


For accurate measurement of intercept lengths or grain areas, the smallest grains should be at least 5 mm in diameter on the television monitor 9 for a typical — mm 12—13 in.

Annex A1 provides information concerning the measurement of grain size and grain anisotropy for non-equiaxed grain structures. For this measurement, the standard deviation of the area fraction or point fraction of the a e13822 and the Nai values should be determined. L is the number of grain boundary intersections per unit length.

The grain structure is too poorly revealed for successful image editing. L data and Eq A1. A third approach is to transfer the microstructural image, test grid image and cursor image to a television monitor. However, because of the tedious nature of this analysis, for a sufficiently large number of grains to achieve adequate statistical precision, this method is not recommended. asgm

Then, make enlargements of the grain structure images using the same enlarger setting. NOTE 2—There are other procedures for dealing with grains that intersect the test area border. Each micrograph should contain at least? L value is converted grain size was found to be A very high degree of grain boundary delineation is required.

A, is determined in accordance with Eq The grain elongation ratio, or anisotropy index, AI, is de? Moderate image editing is required. Round off the value of G to the?