AT90SPC Microchip Technology / Atmel 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 2K FLASH 5V datasheet, inventory & pricing. AT90S Features. • Utilizes the AVR Enhanced RISC Architecture. • AVR – High Performance and Low Power RISC Architecture. • Powerful Instructions . AT90S 8-bit Microcontroller With 2K Bytes In-system Programmable Flash Features. Utilizes the AVR® RISC Architecture AVR High-performance and.

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Hello all, my name is Glenn and am new to Arduino and datasheeet micros. I have a question that some may think is foolish but I have googled for the answers but as of yet have not found any answers. I have an assortment of the older Atmel chips such as the AT90S, AT90S, etc and was wondering if I can use the Arduino programming language to program the chips?

I have a Atmel STK to download the sketch but didn’t know if everything would be compatible or not.

AT90S2313 – AT90S2313 20-Pin 10MHz 2kb 8-bit Microcontroller Technical Data

Thank you in advance for any comment, suggestions, and guidance. From that datasheet, it looks very similar to an ATtiny That one is probably usable with Arduino. I can’t find a datasheet for that one. Oh boy, I am sorry about the errors on the part numbers.


AT90S datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

They are all old stock and I don’t think Atmel even makes them anymore. I bought them a while back, thinking that I would learn to program them and then I had a stroke. It has been three years since and I got the interest back up to ag90s2313 if I could learn to use them.

While on the web, I see the Arduino and that really sparked my interest again. I am going to order a Arduino next month when I get some at90s23313 saved up but in the mean while I was wondering about these Micro’s that I have.

I don’t know whether the Arduino language which is a derivative of C. I thinkwould work with the older chips or not.

AT90S ATMEL Corporation, AT90S Datasheet

Again, I am very sorry for the errors on the part numbers. Osgeld Faraday Member Posts: Thanks, I will check it out. I figured that they wouldn’t work. In the world of electronics, everything is obsolete within a year. I will just have to wait until I get the cash for a authentic Arduino. Thanks for your help, Scotty.

It depends on how much work you want to do. You will need a bootloader and a UART in the chip. As long as the chip has a UART and enough resources to hold the bootloader you might be able modify the bootloader to work with it.


AT90S2313 Datasheet PDF

Hacking the IDE is easy, it’s the bootloader that would be the bulk of the work. Even if the chip did not have a UART it could be done, but that would be a ton more work and more at09s2313 code to handle the bit-banging.

Appears to be similar to an ATtiny Appears to be dwtasheet to ATtiny13 and ATtiny Same processor with different amounts of memory. Is not similar to anything I’ve used. Looks like the same pin layout as the two above.

True, but I meant if you wanted it to work directly from the IDE.

I should have been more clear. BillO on Jan 28, I don’t think we are talking about the same thing.

Anyway, this seems more important to you than to me, so BillO on Jan 29, BillO on Jan 30, ,