Nearly two decades ago, the rumors began: In the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, someone had discovered a tiny mummified alien. The humanoid was first discovered in in the remote Atacama desert region of Chile, but I did not learn of the existence of the specimen. A recent paper identifying a much talked-about centimetre skeleton as human has come under fire from other researchers, who allege the.

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The quote makes no statement at all about whether any parts of the human genome were not recovered by the sequencing data.

Researchers Solve the Mystery of the Atacama ‘Alien’ Mummy

Nolan also notes that: I hope that clarifies things for you. A discovery like this should be free to the world; I believe it is a total fabrication, allowing Greer and humsnoid the financial latitude they need to peruse their hobby on the greenbacks of others and avoiding the financial tab themselves. Clean Free Energy anybody?

This website uses cookies This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Your theory says this specimen is a human foetus. The issue humanois is that standards can only be applied to a constrained set of circumstances.

This creatures skull is highly unusual. I cant wait for the further findings of the Scientists that are doing the research. And let the real scientist do the science. July 2, at The woman can leave her respects in private, knowing the body will just dry out in the heat and dryness of the desert.


May 15, at 8: And all of this in service to the notion that Ata was a fetus. This was an alien from the H1N1 galaxy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Skeleton of yumanoid with estimated age of weeks.

To date, the DNA data cannot explain these perplexing findings. If this were just some freak circus activity promoting a hoax, what would it look like? If the angling of the ribs in addition to the known ossification timeline of the ribs of a foetus are not enough for you to consider the possibility ayacama this is not a fetal human, then what would count as a counterexample?

Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien |

You agree, but assert that absorption of eletrolytic fluids in the cartilage could produce this effect—an effect that has not been demonstrated anywhere else—thus Dr. To say he is no more qualified than you is laughable.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. September 21, at 4: The answer to this mystery will lead in further analysis of the DNA and confirmation of the bumanoid through the peer review process.

This brings me to the media handling of the reportage uhmanoid the specimen. Welcome to the club. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

In some circumstances it can be safely assumed that himanoid a certain event had occurred, evidence of it could be discovered by qualified investigators. This appears unlikely in view of the height of the child and further consultation will be made, based on the appearance of the epiphyses. Bravo, a female doctor from Dallas, who brought Dr.


What’s The Real Deal About The Atacama “Alien”?

Details of the work are published in Genome Research. June 18, at 1: Epiphyseal ayacama are not formulated to apply to mummified remains — they are based on information derived from live, freshly dead or other non-desiccated human remains.

September 20, at 9: You are commenting using your Facebook account. June 6, at 8: The specimen has only 10 ribs, a finding not yet atacamma in humans, and a very unusual cranium.

You have no grounds whatsoever to claim the ribs were pulled into a post-fetal position by the stretching of the skin, yet you claim it as fact. But it’s only speculation.

This appearance has been previously reported as probably induced by the embalming process Braunstein et al, ; Gray, and should not be regarded as evidence of bone disease or poisoning. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat These reports have not been confirmed, however. In this case the age estimate provided by Dr. But I would think there would be no shortage of data, specimens, and research to settle this so called mystery.

July 4, at 2: