a work in sanskrit on advaita vedanta written by Adi Shankaracharya in 68 verses . Overview of Vedanta for general understanding of the subject. A bit technical. Adi Shankaracharya Swami Sivananda Swami Tapovanji Swami . ATMA BODHA IS A Prakarna Grantha, dealing with Knowledge of the Self. Aatma Bodha – Knowledge of Self by Adi Shankaracharya Atma Bodha, meaning self knowledge, was composed by Adi Shankara Swami.

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They belong, therefore, to the consciousness and not to the self. So also the Omnipresent Truth appears to be diverse on account of Its association with the various Upadhis and amtabodha one on the destruction of these Upadhis.

Atmabodha – Knowledge of Self

Knowledge alone destroys ignorance, as light destroys dense darkness. Atjabodha space, the Lord Vishnu, coming in contact with various conditions, appears to be different by reason of their differences, but is seen to be undifferentiated when those conditions are destroyed.

The individual soul, melted in the fire of knowledge kindled by instruction, etc. One who has realised the supreme truth gives up everything, such as form, caste, etc.

Views Read Edit View history. The Atman, the Sun of Knowledge that rises in the sky of the heart, destroys the darkness of the ignorance, pervades and sustains all and shines and makes everything to shine. We do not accept donations. Moreover, the nature of doer, etc. One should understand the self to be always like a king, different from the body, senses, mind, consciousness, and eyes, the witness of their activities.

Atma bodha – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. TThis treatise called “Knowledge of Self” is written for the sake of those whose sins have been destroyed by austerities and who, with a tranquil mind and free from attachment, long for liberation. A wise man should, shankaracharta his intelligence, submerge, in the self all that is objective and should ever contemplate the one self that is like unlimited space. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Like bubbles in the water, the worlds rise, exist and dissolve in the Supreme Self, which is the material cause and the prop of everything.


Ritual cannot dispel ignorance, because they are not mutually contradictory.

Sreenivas shankarachagya it it was amazing Jul 02, Sridhar rated it it was ok Apr 02, The self undergoes no modification, nor can knowledge arise in any manner from individual consciousness alone.

All objects are pervaded by Brahman. Passions, desires, happiness, misery, etc.

Sri Shankaracharya – Atma Bodha

Biju Jalal rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Realise That to be Brahman, the attainment of which leaves nothing more to be attained, the blessedness of which leaves no other blessing to be desired and the knowledge of which leaves nothing more to be known. By whose light sahnkaracharya sun, etc. There exists nothing that is not Brahman. Having purified, by repeated instruction, the soul that is turbid with ignorance, knowledge should efface itself, as the paste of the cleaning-nut does atmbodha water.

Jan 06, Paulo rated it it was amazing. Like the space I fill all things within and without. The self, that is ever with us, appears, by ignorance, as if it were unattained and, when that ignorance is destroyed, attained, like one’s own necklace.

All Rights are reserved. Like bubbles in water, the worlds are born, remain and dissolve in the Supreme Lord that is the material cause and foundation of all things. Though Atman is Pure Consciousness and ever present everywhere, yet It is perceived by the eye-of-wisdom alone: That by the light of which the luminous, orbs like the Sun and the Moon are illuminated, but which is not shankarachary by their light, realise that to be Brahman.


Self-Knowledge: Sankara’s “Atmabodha” by Adi Shankaracharya

Ramakrishna Math rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Depending upon the energy of shankarafharya of Consciousness Atma Chaitanya the body, senses, mind and intellect engage themselves in their respective activities, just as men work depending upon the light of the Sun. All that is perceived, or heard, is Brahman and nothing else.

Liberation from the illusion comes when one constantly reflects upon the truth that one is but Brahman only. When this the lower and the higher aspects of the Self are well churned atmzbodha, the fire of knowledge is born from it, which in its mighty conflagration atkabodha burn down all the fuel of ignorance in us. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda.

NT rated it really liked it May 03, He who has the eye of knowledge sees Brahman that is being, consciousness and bliss, in all things; but he who has not the eye of knowledge cannot see it thus, as a blind man cannot see the shining sun.

Realise that to be Brahman which is neither subtle nor gross: It appears to be real, as long as it continues but appears to be unreal when one is awake i.

The self is atmaboda sun of knowledge that, rising in the firmament of the heart, destroys the darkness of ignorance, and, pervading all and supporting all, shines—and makes everything shine.