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If I earnestly and righteously desire a certain kind of a home, how shall I proceed? You cannot think positive and negative thoughts at the same time. /

Perhaps an illustration will give you a clearer idea of that interior part of your being, which is the support of all dfsires which must naturally subsist in the universal here and the everlasting now. Noticing my poorly concealed expression of surprise, he remarked, “Why should you be shocked at anything which you can thank God for” I can thank God for one cigarette after, possibly a second, but never a third.

Your thought desirds is the specialized, identical action of the Universal Mind.

Now, in the new order of thinking, I shall endeavor to mentally see myself as keeping my appointment, etc. To follow his thought was like following a trusted guide through the most difficult places, the darkest and desiges explored regions of thought. Would that do it? This time your thoughts and movements were not quite so tense, although equally determined.

Full text of “Attaining Your Desires”

I desire to crystallize the heart-coinings of my revered master, J udge Thomas T. We trust you enjoy this work produced for you by NewThoughtLibrary. The reason for your times of failure is that the distressing condition so wholly absorbs your attention that you are unable to think of anything else.

In order to give you a complete picture from which you may logically reason in the future, berhend us consider the same situation from an opposite angle.


There is no limit to the creative power of your subjective mind once you have impressed it with your intention. This is getting “into the spirit” of contentment; not bemuse of certain physical reasons, but because of your recognition of attaaining action in you in this specific direction.

Michael Doherty rated it really liked it Dec 08, About an hour later he passed away. It will respond to your call as a child would obey when bidden to come and play. Whenever you sense fear returning, inhibit it instantly by substituting dewires thought which affirms the power of God in you.

We provide these books to empower you with happiness and success. Then Life’s only creative power is Subjective Mind, which reproduces on the outward or physical plan the idea with which it has been impressed.

Oh, is that true? Then when I understand the law of vibration, I can get anything I want; achieve anything I desire: He often invited me to gm with him, atgaining frequently he seemed to be unconscious of my presence, being entirely absorbed geneviebe his own thoughts.

Thurman L Faison Author. Did I actually concentrate on dropping the matches into the box, or wasp more concerned with their arrangement, or was I distracted with other thoughts, good or bad? If you would induce yourself to recognize the presence of a Universal Intelligence which permeates all nature, you must also recognize a corresponding hidden deep down in all things-in the trees, the weeds, and flowers, in the animals, and in fact, in everything-which is ever ready to spring into action when appealed to.

A Year of Inspiration: When he did not join his family at the dinner hour, Mrs. You will find it both interesting and encouraging to keep this record and thus watch your progress. The Law of Divine Compensation.

Let us work together to this end. The Life in me is inseverably connected with all the life that exists, and it is entirely devoted to my personal advancement.


What I mean is that in a cat it becomes a cat; and in a cabbage it becomes a cabbage; but in man, who is conscious, living intelligence, it becomes conscious, living intelligence.

Attaining Your Desires: Genevieve Behrend: : Books

At the early age of eighteen the natural bent of his mind began to assert itself, and he won the Helford Vy gold medal for literature. I have studied the subject now for several years, and have a desures acquaintance with the leading features of most of the systems which unfortunately occupy attention in many circles at the present time, such as Theosophy, the Tarot, the kabala, and the like, and I have no hesitation in saying that to the best of my judgment all sorts and descriptions of so-called occult study are in direct opposition to the real life-giving Truth; and therefore you must not expect any teaching on such lines as these.

This did not seem unnatural, however, as it was so completely in accord with his recent habit genecieve picturing his all-absorbing desire. He was dark complexioned, with small, bright eves, a large nose, and a broad forehead.

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It takes shape from your thought. At times hard to read but absolutely brilliant and made clearer things I’ve known for a while. Don’t forget that if you wish to view the original page scans, ddesires to the library and click the yellow page scan link in the lower left hand corner of each page of the book.

The Magic of Believing: It is to this end we are journeying.

Share them with your friends and family. If a thing is true, there is a definite way in which it is true. When I knew him, he had a drooping mustache sprinkled with grey.