Murakami’s image-intensive narrative paints a portrait of a group of friends locked in a “Azul casi transparente” es la novela debut de Ryu Murakami, escritor. : Azul casi transparente () by Ryu Murakami and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. Azul casi transparente. Front Cover. Ryu Murakami. Anagrama, – Fiction – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Azul casi transparente.

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Durham pushed up into Moko from behind.

Almost Transparent Blue

That is essentially the muraoami half of this novel captured in one paragraph. The book offers a couple easy ways to interpret it through an appended paragraph at the very end, but I get the feeling more is moving beneath the surface. They don’t want you looking at them, but they do everything they can to insure that you are watching.

With each generation more humanity is lost. Ryu Murakami’s first trwnsparente, Almost Transparent Blue won the coveted Akutagawa literary prize and became an instant bestseller. As you might have suspected, it is very raunchy and somewhat episodic.

Almost Transparent Blue – Wikipedia

I just hope that I can get through the other shades of bile to get there. Sep 22, Toby rated it liked it Shelves: Despite what a lot of people say, regarding a few chapters detailing graphic sex and orgies, Almost Transparent Blue is a literary tour de force, written incredibly well with the finest details on everything in life, rain, cockroaches, lights, the sea, ashtrays, death, toilets, trains are all described with visually strong prose and insight.

I could have plowed through this book. There were just a bunch on people in desperate need of drugs and sex. The next odd pages are packed to the brim with more of the same- violent orgies with American servicemen, madcap mescaline adventures that end with them crashing a car onto a runway, more heroin, flashmobs beating security guards senseless and other signs of impending armageddon.


For the longest time that has meant the blasted imaginations of my trifecta of favorite authors Palahniuk, Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis and occ Those who know me are well aware that I have an almost visceral love of twisted literature.

Like the wave-filled foggy horizon of the sea, like a woman’s white arm, a gentle curve. You didn’t work to get there. Under the sky stretched the hospital and far away the tree-lined street and the town.

And in Japan that backlash has and I think always will be spectacular. Stroking it with her tongue, she pushed it aside and turned again to the crab.

For one thing,Ryu Murakami is brave enough to write a dirty book with the main character called Ryu. Books that are the literary equivalent of a car crash; hedonistic revels that fade into subterranean nightmares. Was it written as a form or rebellion against the status quo? There is a lack of humanity running through this novel. And from the all of the colors of a psychedelic rainbow, to all the shades of intense darkness at the heart of an empty soul, surprisingly, a feeling of peace stems out.

John and Seth should not read this book.

There are cockroaches that spew different colors when crushed. Not because the scenes were too much for me, but rather it reminded me too much of a part of myself I am no longer in touch with, a past that I do not regret, but a past that sometimes I want forgotten. I doubt that this was a stream of consciousness. You didn’t have to look on as a security guard was beat half to death and girl was almost beat half to death, and the sex and the orgies, not really erotica — there was nothing sexy about those orgies, just the absurd, awful, depraved depravity of Murrakami the jelly-like su Time to get stoned!


If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit mjrakami We, whether religious or atheist, have our moments where we feel as if life is without meaning, that we are simply an overly self conscious mammal that walks, talks, breathes and finally dies without feeling like we have accomplished much in our short lives.

Almost Transparent Blue by Ryƫ Murakami

How do I count the ways? I think it reflected a lifestyle which Japanese people of that age secretly envied, when they weren’t too murakaji with their math homework.

These moments are brief, yet during these precise moments, they feel unbearably long and rip into your soul with almost malicious intent with a goal of searching for something — anything, which will help you breathe just that little bit more I bring out those mechanical claws so that I can see once again the literary uses of bodily juices — semen, vomit, blood, and bile of different colors, purple, brown, green And I am glad I did.

Murakami has played drums for a rock group called Coelacanth and hosted a TV talk show.

Almost Transparent Blue is a brutal tale of lost youth in a Japanese port town close to an American military base. Nov 02, Magdalen rated it it was ok Shelves: Is this book murakamo fiction?