FRS™ SCREW FOREFOOT RECONSTRUCTION SYSTEM – Biomet · · FRS® Fusion and Reconstruction System Standard Staple. BAROUK Screw Developed by yntheses of small bones / fragments Threaded head can be countersunk. S.1 This easy to use fixation device has been. 2 Contents BAROUK Screw 2 FRS Screw 3 TWISTOFF Screw 4 MEMORY 12 and 20 Staples 5 VARISATION Staple 6 BAROUK Screw Surgical Technique 7.

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Page 3 Surgical Technique Figure 7 Post operative Rehabilitation Protocol Post operative rehabilitation protocol This protocol is the same as that following solid screw fixation of an osteotomy or fracture site. Pressure area care Then the oblique longitudinal cut parallels the plantar surface, runs laterally, and ends close to the sdrew margin.

We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that improve More information. A longitudinal channel 8 is arranged axially from one end to the other of the screw 1 and opens out at both its opposite ends, this channel 8 being intended to receive a guide pin not shown.

A screw length gauge is used to determine the appropriate length of the distal screw.

Foot and Ankle Solutions

The FibuLock nail can be used to span a highly. Oblique screwing does not adversely affect the holding barohk of the screw or the displacement of fragments.


In order to ensure good bicortical purchase, the surgeon should select a staple length 1 mm longer than the reading Figure 5. Prior to insertion, acrew legs of the staple should not be opened wider than 90 degrees because this modifies the mechanical and dynamic properties of the nickel-titanium alloy. The extremity is prepped and draped. The placement of a dorsal Banaleck Clamp allows accurate head positioning as desired.

Instruments and scrwe approved by More information. Cardiac Rhythm Management 2. Anterior Cervical Spine Anterior In the human anatomy, referring to the front surface of the body or position of one structure relative to another Cervical Relating to the neck, in the spine relating to the first seven vertebrae More information.

For minimally invasive osteosynthesis.

Remove the temporary axial pin. Inspired by technologies and design features with long clinical histories, and constantly thinking ahead to evolving technologies and designs, Zimmer Biomet remains at the head of innovative new reconstruction systems. None of these prior art screws can be used universally for osteotomy or fixation of fractures of small bones, in particular the metatarsals.

Catering – food – freshfayre 4. Find A Sales Associate. The joint is dislocated by barou, the toe in plantar flexion, thus exposing the metatarsal head. Surgical Technique This publication is not intended for distribution.


Plates & Screws | Cannulated Screw System | Zimmer Biomet

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Barou of contents Indications and contraindications 3 Implants 4 Instruments 4 Preoperative planning. The threading [] 3 has a maximum depth sufficient to ensure satisfactory bone attachment without otherwise reaching the wall of the hexagonal recess Consider these important design features: The surgeon has the final opportunity to verify that the toe is in proper position Figure 6. In this application, the screw 1 is used to fix the plantar part 13 b of a metatarsal 13 which has first been cut longitudinally into two parts 13 a and 13 b and brought to the desired position.

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Cannulated Screw System

Initial placement of two 1. In the example below screw placement is demonstrated on a Scarf osteotomy. Stationery core range