The Basement Bugger’s Bible. Many of you out there LOVE to tinker with electronics projects; I know I do. Many of us are also security minded, so if you like. Find great deals for Basement Bugger’s Bible: The Professional’s Guide to Creating, Building, and Planting Custom Bugs and Wiretaps by Shifty Bugman ( The Basement Bugger’s Bible by Shifty Bugman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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These amps were among the first to generate significantly less noise than common source impedances.

For an 8′ dish, gain predicted by the first equation is: In the Lab Chapter 1: A simple fixture can make an electret the most sensitive contact mic the author has encountered. Each resistance or impedance generates a charac- teristic amount of noise that depends on ohmic value and temperature.

Quartz, Rochelle salt, barium titanate, and other substances share the property. Double-ended compression makes loud sounds softer, soft sounds louder. Gain and low- frequency response selectable by choice of R 1 and Cl ; 10 ohms and 33pF give a hot performer. They require fewer parts to realize equivalent EQ curves. The time compression takes to cease once signal has fallen below threshold is known as decay. Op amp type not critical; power supply lines and bypass not shown.

The Basement Buggers Bible

Device needs a V supply. B The bugges ACC schematic. Take care to distinguish wall resonance from cavity resonance. Diaphragmatic movement caused by sound alters distance between plates of this condenser.


Fertile field for Bj Response curves of bare microphone element and experimentation, that same element mounted in device shown in “B. The cheapest regulator is a zener diode, available in fractions of a volt from 1.

Bass overwhelms useful spectra. Input impedance buggera to value of R1. The higher the gain, the greater this penchant to crap out. Stabilizing high-gain circuits involves so many factors, so much trial and error, as basekent qualify better as art than science.

Wide bandwidth means low Q, narrow bandwidth means high Q. Take the most promising cavities on field trials. If device will be used without an oscilloscope, label key frequency points in Hz intervals on dial. Unvoiced energy conveys so much information that it remains fully intelligible as whispering.

Full text of “The Basement Buggers Bible”

Broadband amps do not discriminate, and for that reason seem to nible bass. Ground terminal is identified by connection to case. The 2 1 20 operates so smoothly that the average listener may not hear it in action, despite a basekent compression ratio greater than 2: A phono cartridge should mount on the end of a light, rigid arm ” long, whose other end should rest in a hinge to keep the arm from canting.

Many unruly circuits even out when stages run off independent supplies. For academic study only. Power Amps At some point an audio feed must connect to a speaker or a set of headphones.

C] Highpass filter is constructed exactly the same as lowpass, but capacitors and resistors have swapped places. Short of that, choose the best-damped room available, preferably carpeted and draped. Cj Method of converting stereo phones permanently to mono by soldering to mono plug in series mode. Harmonics can cause aliasing of a frequency modulator and, for that reason, should be removed by a lowpass filter.


The Basement Bugger’s Bible : Shifty Bugman :

Recently, membrane cavity mics broke cover. The reader should understand that anyone who duplicates or attempts to duplicate these devices, or merely buys parts to build them, might be inviting strange repercussions.

Dishes bigger than a few feet across focus, at best, on an area many times the size of a single mic. In stock configuration, they can serve as extremely low- impedance microphones whose sensitivity equals that of a stock-biased electret.

Replace R I with a pot to allow huggers control. The differential amplifier, or a transformer winding, will ignore them, where an unbalanced amp will not.

Preamp U I has the bug EQ curve built in. Circuit shown will suffice for battery-powered gear not subject to disconnection or shorts. The type is found in pre- telephones. What had been sensational fixtures in the days of Kolchak live on bwsement fit but dated players, definite seconds to op amps for covert work. Change 20K resistor to 1 IK if number of bands is increased to 1 0. To pick the right mic for the job, the agent must know the traits of them all.