Apache FOP adds these boxes when the logger is set to DEBUG, presumably for some kind of diagnostic purpose. This page provides Java code examples for nscoder. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. FOP uses the SVG library from Batik to handle SVG. This format can be handled as an fo:instream-foreign-object or in a separate file referenced with.

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In other words, you can draw pictures with XML elements.

(Apache FOP API) – Javadoc Extreme

The following is a small sample that draws three circles:. SVG is a vector graphic format, which means it scales to different sizes smoothly without jagged lines. An SVG file is plain text, not a binary file format.

SVG is an open standard, so there are several commercial and free SVG graphics tools available to choose from. Although you could include SVG image data directly in your DocBook file inside an imageobject element, in place of an imagedata elementsgg probably will want to keep each image in a separate file.


Maven config for batik 1.9

Then you can include the image as you would other graphics:. But some SVG elements may vsg be supported, so check the processor documentation for details. Be sure to include the batik. If the processing machine is connected to the Internet, then the DTD will be downloaded from the URL specified in the system identifier.

Such downloads can slow the processing considerably. Download the Java resolver.

The following example is a modified xep. SVG is a relatively new graphics format, and many web browsers do not yet support it directly.

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Plug-in SVG viewers such as Adobe SVG Viewer are available for some browsers, but you cannot rely on them being installed by all your potential readers. Some browsers respond better to an embed element, even though that is not a standard HTML element.

If you set the stylesheet parameter use. Otherwise some of your readers will not see anything of the graphic. Here is how you do it in the mediaobject element:. Where do you get a PNG replica? You can use an SVG viewer on your own system and take a screenshot of the rendered image. While EPS was widely supported, it required a PostScript interpreter to be available to foo the PostScript code to render the image.


Maven Repository: phics » fop »

If you use an EPS sgv in a mediaobject in DocBook, the filename will be passed through to the output, but the results will probably not be satisfactory. If the EPS file contains a bitmap preview image, then that can be displayed in a PDF browser, but at lower resolution.

But if a printer does not handle PostScript, then you will only get the lower resolution preview image. You can download pstoedit from http: Adobe Illustrator not free pstoedit freewhich uses ghostscript to interpret the PostScript code.