Battle of the Ditch, (ad ), Arabic Al-Khandaq (The Ditch), an early Muslim victory that ultimately forced the Meccans to recognize the political and religious. 5th year of the Migration 29 Shawwal / January ) The Battle of Khandaq, which took place two years after the Battle of Uhud, is one of the important battles . The Battle of Khandaq. At this time, there was growing peace and security in Medina. However, a Jewish tribe called Banu Nadir attempted to.

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The lack of sleep made matters worse. Ali bin Ibrahim, Shaykh Knandaq and Shaykh Tabarsi have narrated that the expedition entitled Ahzab or Khandaq was undertaken in the month of Ramadan, in the fifth year of Hijrat, and was occasioned in the following manner: But it would be logical to affirm two important matters: The people ate in parties of ten from the same dish, and when ov were satisfied, the Prophet, Ali and Jabir ate; still the food was undiminished, and lasted the family many days.

Hazrat Ali stood up bravely. All of them emerged from the trench and started for khndaq residence. The Battle of the Trench Arabic: Pf realized how strong the believers were and that it would not be easy to defeat Muslims from then on as a result of the battles of Badr, Uhud and Handaq.

Huyay bin Akhtab An-Nadari went to them and kept trying to persuade them until they broke the treaty and went over to the side of the Confederates against the Messenger of Allah. When it got dark, a freezing wind battlle to blow and roar near the headquarters of the army of the polytheists. I swear by God we do not need such an agreement.

The majority has reported that it was strong.

The Battle of Khandaq | Muslim Girl

They persuaded bttle to take part in the war by promising to provide them with one-year date product of Kaybar area. Only at night, when the attacks stopped due to darkness, could they resume their regular worship. When Amirul Momineen a. Don’t you see that the summoner never stops and those who are taken away do not return?

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Thursday, December 14, Being exiled by the Prophet s owing to their disloyalty, Banu Nadir tribe went to Khaybar and instigated other Jews to arrange a war against Muslims.

Ali o a great contribution in the defense of Islam at this battle during which the danger against batlte new Faith reached its peak. According to Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Muhammad, one woman who had thrown a millstone from the battlements during the siege and killed one of the Muslim besiegers, was also beheaded along with the men. The Muslims in horror There were many hypocrites among the Muslims who circulated frightening rumors, which added to the fear of the Muslims.

A horseman from that tribe rode very fast the distance that is usually ridden in twelve days only in four days and gave the Prophet in Madinah the report mentioning the preparation of the Qurayshi polytheists. In response, Ali ibn Abi Talib accepted the challenge, and was sent by Muhammad to fight. However, their land, property, wives and children are not here. After the death of ‘Amr b.

Sahih Muslim Thus, they agreed to walk against Madinah and to eliminate the movement of belief and Islam that was led by the Messenger of God in its own place.

The Battle of Khandaq

No one dared to accept his challenge. Then he pointed to his head said: Confederations al-Ahzab comprising of three armies by the command of Abu Sufyan arrived in Medina. The Muslims were watching the enemy and guarding.

Although no fighting occurred, the coastal tribes were impressed with Muslim power. Abu Sufyan accepted their plan with open arms, thus Jews and Quraysh got unified. So the Muslims did this, working hard, and the Messenger of Allah worked with them, carrying earth away and digging, in the process of which there occurred many miracles and clear signs. Amani Al-Khatahtbeh is the founder and editor-in-chief of Muslim Girl. View this page in our App. The same as what the Prophet s said happened until God released Mecca by his Prophet s.


They sent a big group of soldiers under the command of Khalid b. God made His army victorious and helped His slave. At that juncture, the Almighty Allah revealed the following verse in refutation of the hypocrites: The number of their soldiers was ten thousand, yet Muslim army was only three thousand soldiers.

It did not have the food supplies for ten thousand fighters and their horses and camels, which could enable them to continue the siege for several months or weeks.

Battle of Khandaq

Amr was calling for a duel. It is the holiest of Muslim cities. The Muslims found themselves in greater difficulties by day. The Muslims were khhandaq a state of shock and horror before the passage of these pagan soldiers to their side. The enemy knew that it would be difficult to fight behind a trench.

This advice touched upon the fears the Qurayza had already harboured. Abu Sufyan assured them of his assistance and told them to persuade the Quraish. If they refuse to make peace and they engage batte in battle, lay siege to that city.

But this was not the case. Thus when the Holy Prophet S saw that the prolonged siege was weighing heavily on his people, he went to Masjid Fath which is situated khzndaq a hill and invoked the Almighty Allah as follows: The Prophet s ordered people to dig a trench before them, having Mount Sal’ behind.

And God and His Apostle told us what is true.