Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP Digital Bit Dual DSP Mainframe Equalizer / Processor. By Behringer. 1 review. 2 used from $ i learned how to do sound on this though i never played with the settings until years ago and never knew what i was doing until a year ago. I use a behringer. ?ViewItem&item=&ru=http://

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A member has requested an additional review for this product Write a user review Request a new review. Sort of like the newer Alesis and Dynaudio monitors can do. Originally posted by pro http: Behringer Congratulations for this well designed, very solid and reliable.

Behringer Ultracurve DSP 8000

Yeah, I might take you up on that. I used it just a few times to set up a live sound app and it worked fine. The only problem is that the Behringer added a slight hiss to my monitors that was never there before.

I replaced the battery again to avoid the risk of falling in the bay, repaired the switch that had bad contacts, and it go again at least 5 years older, which will soon be 20 years of loyal service. It would be cool to hype the bass or mids from time to time during mixdown or mastering I think! Only ultracurve is the DEQ Did you find this review helpful?


Behringer Ultra-curve DSP | eBay

What a pleasure to live: Some went up slightly, some went down slightly. No doubt an older model, now replaced by the DSP Might be an older model that is not stocked anymore?

The anti feedback, the analyzer, and the governor make a sound BCAN indispensable. I set it to automatically pink noise the room with vehringer test mic in the sweet spot.

What changes did it make to say By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. It has its place everywhere in the studio or live, or a mix of instruments although I prfre a small analog, faster rgler ear. They are both early versions.

Sr Although there is a little better Log in Become a member. Also, if I’m not mistaken, DOD makes a similar piece of gear room RTAbut it’s not nearly as versatile as the and I think you have to buy the companion graphic eq seperate.

Behringer Ultra-curve DSP 8000

However, I no longer have any use for it. It should work just fine for tuning a room and I doubt that it would create much noticeable noise. But we can avoid a novice vrrouiller for the so-called Dps8000, I never heard saturate the ais!

What RTA’s are out there? I would never use it to process my signal in any way, because I have better stuff to do that with, and the quality of EQs, compressors, etc.

  Hello World

Ditto for the gnrateur pink noise: The numrique dphasages quickly behringee breath when you push the analog EQ band. Dzp8000 the Up button now has a bad contact when there until it has been used. Found the item, it’s an DSP It’s strictly a screen issue. I thought the LCD screen would be too small, but it’s not at all.

The analyzer is also of pro quality, with a time of rponse paramtrable memory and desire, which allows to visualize, either the peak or RMS curve, behriger. They used to be silent when not playing music. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Although they aren’t the best quality of signal processing you can get, they actually aren’t nearly as bad as I would have suspected.

I even like it better than Waves RTA plug in. It’s looking at me right now, in fact From what I found in my own use of it and what I’ve heard people say, it’s pretty crappy compared to the DEQ The monitors sound full, rich, and natural now.