BRCD – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Boss BRCD owner’s manual online. Boss Audio Systems Owner’s Manual Digital Recording Studio BRCD. BRCD Recording. Get to know your BOSS BR fast with the BR DVD Owner’s Manual. This handy DVD takes you through every step of the process – by the end, you’ll be.

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Before using this unit, carefully read the sections entitled: Used for instructions intended to alert the user to the risk of injury or material damage should the unit be used improperly.

Do not drop it! Keep your discs clean using a commercially available CD cleaner. What is a CD-R disc? It is not possible to erase or move the data that has been written. Failure to properly and fully insert a disc can result in an inability to carry out writing correctly.

Press disc tray until it is locked in the BRCD. Notes When Using Mics Always be sure to switch the phantom power off except when connecting condenser mics requiring a phantom power supply. Section 1 Recording and Playback. Section 3 Using Effects Track EQ Parameter Functions Copying Difficult Songs Phrase Trainer BRCD and a computer. And, br-900cf to its built-in microphone, you can make Br-900dd indicator This indicator shows how strong the input level is at the various input jacks e.

This indicator lights at a level -6 dB lower than where sound distortion occurs. Press this button to confirm a selection or a value being entered. Rhythm section Here you can make settings for the Rhythm function. This, also, adjusts the tone Low, High for each track p. At the factory settings, one second is set to 30 frames non- drop.

MIDI device rhythm machine or sound module. Panel Descriptions Inserting Batteries 1. Make sure that the majual of the BRCD is turned off. Remove the battery cover on the rear panel. Connecting Peripheral Devices Make connections as shown in the diagram below. When making any connections, make sure that all devices are turned off.

Expression Pedal Roland EV-5 etc. Before inserting the memory card, be sure to first turn off the BRCD.

If a memory card is inserted when the power is turned on, the data in the memory card may be destroyed, or the memory card may become unusable. Before you turn the power on, make sure boas the following points. Listening to a Demo Song In addition to the procedures given above, you can also change your current position in the song using the procedures given below.

Do not turn off the BRCD until the initializing has been completed. It is not possible to change the sample rate. MIC1 jack and the internal microphone simultaneously. When not using the internal microphone, be sure to turn it on see next section. Below is an explanation of the operations related to the insert effects. This is convenient when you have created a patch for a specific recorded performance, and would like to store that patch together with the song.


When you record, it is convenient to use the built-in Rhythm. Song Arrangements S Song arrangements can be written; however, the data br-9000cd song arrangements are stored along with the song data to the memory card. Use whichever mode manal suitable in the course of bringing your song to completion. Tracks 1 through 6 are independent mono tracks. Tracks 7 and 8 are linked as stereo tracks. Manal 7 and 8 are fixed as left and right tracks, respectively, while fader movements, Loop Effects, and other processes are applied in common to both tracks.

Only what br-900c are currently playing is recorded to the new track. The music that is being played back is not recorded.

Boss Audio Systems BR-900CD Musical Instrument User Manual

Effective use of these allows you to add greater breadth to the sound. Before you turn off the BRCD, make sure to first stop any recording. Recording Selecting the Recording Track 1.

If the button flashes in red, that track is ready for recording. V-Tracks for recording or playback. Therefore, by making use of the many V-Tracks, you can use the BRCD just as if it were a track multitrack recorder. This allows a wide range of uses, such as recording one take of a guitar solo or vocal, and then recording another take without having to erase the first one. Repeating playback allows you to check the mixing balance or perform loop recordings p.

The position in the song where [REPEAT] is pressed first becomes repeat start point Aand the position where it is pressed a second time becomes repeat end point B. This may make it difficult for you to set the repeat portion exactly as you desire.

When you are playing an instrument and performing the recording by yourself, it may br-90c0d difficult to punch in or out using the button on the BRCD. The indicator lights up, showing that the auto punch in and out have been set. Recording automatically starts at the auto punch-in location, so start playing what you want to record. This is a convenient way to keep a copy of song sketches after maunal them. Putting Multiple Tracks Together Bounce 5.

The message disappears approximately ten seconds later, indicating that preparations for bouncing have been completed.

Displaying the Song Information Displaying the Remaining Available Recording Time Follow the procedure below to either display the elapsed recording time in the recording standby and recording screens.

This function is quite useful during editing. Registering a Locator Point 1. Editing the Performance on a Track Track Editing The BRCD allows you to edit your songs by performing editing functions such as copying and moving data recorded on the tracks. Editing the Performance on a Track Track Editing 4. Editing the Performance on a Track Track Editing fig. Cassette tape Recorder 2.


Put the cassette tape recorder in record mode. Recording to a Digital Recorder Digital Connection 1. When you create a new song, copies of the patches in the Editing Insert Effect Settings If you wish to create a new effect sound, you should first select an existing patch that is closest to the sound you want, and then edit its settings.

If you wish to save the effect settings that you edited, save them as a user patch or song patch. However, sometimes you want to change the connection order.

On the BRCD, you can accommodate a wide variety of situations by changing the point to which the insert effects are connected. Follow the procedure below to change manuql insert effects are connected.

Insert Effect Parameter Functions Algorithm List The algorithms the available effects and their connection order that can be used as an insert effect are shown below. The algorithms that can be selected will differ for each bank. Obtain the nr-900cd of a bass guitar while playing an electric guitar. Insert Effect Parameter Functions 7. This features an amp sound that uses a preamp and speaker simulator. For the nanual, you can produce an amp sound using a preamp and speaker simulator.

The trademarks listed in this document are trademarks of their respective owners, which are separate companies from BOSS. You janual get the same effect OFF, ON achieved with the compressor by setting the threshold at a low value. Sibilant Adjusts the sensitivity relative to the input volume, which controls how the effect is applied.

Boss Audio Systems BRCD User Manual – Page 1 of |

Level Adjusts the volume. Defretter This simulates a fretless bass. When turned off, you can create an intense lo-fi sound incorporating digital distortion. Smpl Rate Modify the sample rate. Modify the number of data bits. If this is turned off, the number of data bits will be unchanged.

Boss Audio Systems BR-900CD User Manual

Insert Effect Parameter Functions Pitch Shifter This effect changes the pitch of the original sound up or down within a range of two octaves. It produces the sound of a large double-stack vacuum tube amp with ultra-lows and a crisp edge. Volume Adjusts the volume and distortion of the amp. When the output of the BRCD is connected directly to a mixer, etc.

The wah effect creates a unique tone by changing the frequency response characteristics of a filter. Touch wah creates an automatic wah by changing the filter in response to the volume of the input. Pedal wah lets you use an Expression pedal or the like to obtain real-time control of the wah effect.