BO XI R1; BO XI R2; BO XI R3; BO XI R; BO XI R Later in the year , BO XI was introduced. SAP Webi has a three-layered architecture −. Question2: What are the key differences between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x? Question3: How do Explain The Architecture Of Web Intelligence Tool? Answer . BO XI R2 Architecture (5 Tier’s). We have five tiers in BOXI if you have any PPT or document on BOXI R3 architecture, pl send me to my mail.

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Contexts may be created using detect contexts feature or manually. Thanks in advance, Murali.

Context defines a particular join path between tables or a specific group of joins for a particular query. My mail Id is monisha4b9 gmail. Are you new to the business sector? NET and Java server pages files. When the appropriate file appears in the monitored directory, the Event server triggers the file based event.

Thanks a ton my friend. Aggregate awareness function is used in scenarios where we have same fact tables in different grains. Hi, Very nice overview, can you please send me the ppt that you have mentioned. Business Objects XI 3.

To provide flexibility, reliability and scalability, the components which make up BOE, can be installed on one machine, or distributed across multiple machines. Using prompts, you have multiple users viewing one document to display different sub set of data in database.

When you use them for another purpose, duplicate values appear. A report filter allows selected data to display in a page and hides the other data. Hi Mareswar, can you send me document that has more information on the architecture with figures gowda. It is one of the servers which is used to schedule Crystal reports.


Limit the size of WebI document of network and hence provides performance optimization. BusinessObjects Enterprise supports a wide range of corporate databases. Interview Tips 5 ways to be authentic in an interview Tips to help you face your job interview Top 10 commonly asked BPO Interview questions 5 things you should never talk in any job interview Best job interview tips for job seekers 7 Tips to recruit the right candidates in 5 Important interview questions techies fumble most What are avoidable questions in an Interview?

Section breakup the data into multiple cells that are called Section headers and Each Section header contains a value for dimension and data corresponding to dimension value. To schedule WEBI reports. Hi, Thanks for the information provided. Respect the following rules Object names can differ.

Deski is not available in BO 4. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? It processes the requests that it receives from the CMS and sends the requested instances to the specified destination. Prompt is defined as special filter for users which allows them to enter a value every time data is refreshed in the architceture.

Business Objects Web Intelligence XI 3 Interview Questions & Answers

This option allows you to merge the data from different data sources. Have you ever lie on your resume? Hi Mareswar, Very nice information, could you please me the Bo4 Guide. This server consists of all the schedules instances of the reports. Subclasses contains further subcategory of objects in upper level of a class. It generates report instances. Business intelligence Interview Questions.


SAP Webi Overview

The role of CMS is as follows. Hello Mareswar, This is informative. Hi Mareswar, Very informative thread It can be divided into two sub servers which are.

Zrchitecture you please send me the PPT version of this article to my email: WelcomeGuest Login Register. Using Report Conversion Tool Question 4. My email id is vensrikanth yahoo. Please send me the ppt and any more documents to the email – abdulsamad. When you select a value of an input control, it filters the values in report element that is associated with input control by selected value.

Thanks in advance Welcome your Blogs. Universes can be exported to the central repository only through a secured connection. This is very informative. A secured connection overcomes these limitations.

What is the differece b/w BOXI R3 and BOXIR4

The Data Tier To provide flexibility, reliability and scalability, the components which make up BOE, can be installed on one machine, or distributed across multiple machines.

This server is responsible for handling all report viewing requests.

My email id is rajani. It is one of the server which is useful to create new Crystal reports, open, modify existing Crystal reports. What Are Classes And Subclasses?