Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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Like Praan-vayu brahmqnand heart and lungs, Apana-vayu controls genitalia and anus, Saman-vayu controls belly-button digestive organsUdaan-vayu controls the throat, and Vyan-vayu controls rest all body parts. He say about the serpent asleep over navel lotus, which is actually the Mooladhara chakra and serpent is the Kundalini the coiled one the supreme source of Yogic Energy. It is said in the scriptures that serious brahmaand aspirants should only eat sattvic [2] food, that is, food which has no negative reaction on the body, mind or consciousness.

The illusion is that we seeks comfort in worldly pleasures but it is not there, the worldly pleasures brahhmanand seems to be beneficial in beginning but they are ultimately makes trouble.

In this way, Swami Brahmananda explained that his gifts and talents came from the blessing of Gurudeva.

Swami Brahmanand

Brothers, my Guru is within me! He used to sing bhajans in a sweet and melodious voice and his satsangs would attract numerous people. This body is the structure of bones and flesh Consciousness only transmitted It’s like puppeteer plays the puppets 2. No one will be able to rbahmanand your song.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

The temple of Gurudeva is in the heart chakra and this opens through the grace of the Guru. Swami Bramhanand says that ” This world belongs to selfishness, to whom should I love? Through loving him I have become one with him, Brahmananda says: Ganeshmalji had relatives in the Pali district in the village of Pilauni and he went there on one occasion to pay them a visit.


Only rare one, among hbajan can attain the hidden knowledge. Malla had entirely lost the urge for intellectualising and for destructive criticism. So everyone should chant Lord’s Holy name.

On the hierarchy order of saints of recent times of Prem Prakash Mandal, Acharya of Vedanta Philosophy, Swami Brahmanand Ji are placed at higher and honored destination and often entitled with Himalaya of mandal by most of other saints of panth.

The person cooking the food is also of great importance because one should cook with great love, repeating a prayer or mantra and concentrating on the thought that one is cooking for God. So the State of true bliss ‘the Samadhi’ is rare and secret.

Born on 14 July at small village Khandu [presently part of Sindh in Pakistan] as the son of Jhimibai and Vasandmal, swami ji were given [by the parents, this was tradition in those days that people were offering one of their child for the saints and darbars] in the service of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj at the age of just ten years only.

Like musk deer keeps pursuing for brahmanajd in woods You are a fool who is roaming in outer world 3anYou are seeking comfort in worldly pleasures But don’t knows the knowledge of self It’s better to get Samadhi than Illusion will end 4. Reverence to my Gurudev Sri Deep Dayal. The question of how it was possible for him to compose and sing his bhajans at the same time he answered also with a bhajan: Swami Brahmanand Swami Brahmanand: Only one among countless seekers can find the true knowledge.

Describing the situation mzla his byajan swamiji wish that someone tell him such a way that he could allure his beloved. Nevertheless he maintained his devotion to Lord Krishna and often wept in secret at his separation from God as one spouse weeps for the other who is gone.


Unfortunately country was divided into two nations in the year and like most of other Hindus Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj were also forced to shift to India. You can meet him if you like, for he is just now staying in an ashram not far from here.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

This is the ultimate stage of Pranayama and yogi attain the state of Samadhi. Even in private homes the cook does not necessarily cook with love.

This trust is charitable organization helping common people in solving their problems in the fields of bbhajan, education and other social needs. Darshan bin jiyra tarse repeat. He impressed all with his erudition and could easily win most debates with his nimble mind and eloquence. At that time Mahaprabhuji was staying in Shivbagh Ashram in Bola Guda, which was only about ten kilometres away. My total oblation is to your lotus feet. But time passed and Ganeshmalji soon forgot about his extraordinary dream and continued his life as before.

Through the misuse of these abilities he managed to injure many people and inflict grave injustices.

Beside being the spiritual master and most renowned saint of Prem Prakash Mandal, Swami Brahmanand Ji are a good poet and writer. His relatives thought that the bahmanand which had come over him was most sudden and peculiar and so he explained it with the following song: