Bringers of the Dawn. by Barbara Marciniak. Barbara Marciniak spent more than hours channeling information from the Pleiadians, then. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for.

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Daqn trip concluded with visits to the Acropolis and Delphi, and as we were saying our good – byes in the hotel bar, something impulsed me with the notion to begin to channel by going to my room, sitting quietly, and imagining myself back in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This paradigm is now on the verge of making a gigantic shift. I felt naked and exposed walking on the streets, and I couldn’t use the subway anymore.

The god took himself and made small identities out of himself so that he could be in what he made and not outside of it.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

Feel how much you will accomplish by and feel who you will be. I’m really glad we have channels such as B. When we first began speaking inour collective consisted of fifty to seventy – five entities – baarbara physical, some nonphysical, all Pleiadian. You will awaken many brain cells that have been lying dormant, and you marckniak come into use of your full physical body rather than the small percentage that you have been functioning with.

Bringers of the Dawn

You are systems bustershere to conquer your own fears and to show the rest of the planet that there is no reason to fear anything.

The questions that come to the forefronts of your minds are arising so that you can bring the answers from within your own beings. The time has been carefully orchestrated, and each of you knows in the deepest portions of your being that you have come here for a purpose. I wanted to have a “this is who you are book” for when I take a new shell new body and forget everything again. You will be flooded with memory, flooded with many other things. Whether multi-dimensional beings from other galaxies exist or not, and whether they have a stake in the development of human consciousness or not, anyone concerned with the state of spiritual development on Earth will find solace and inspiration in this book.


Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

The more you say, ‘I relinquish control, I don’t know how to do this,’ the more the energy will come in. The gods are here. During the next two years, Barbara and I traveled to many expos, played a lot with the Pleiadian teachings, and generally had a great time with all of it.

This is the evolution of super-consciousness, the evolution into the highest aspect of your being. Time is much marcinixk than you realize. You have come to Earth at a place and time when evolution is at hand. We Pleiadians come from your future. These new owners who came hereyears ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. The Galactic Tidal Wave of Light.

I was to play with this and change the artwork every night if I wished. I realize now that they mentioned several times that doing this book was going to be an initiation for me, that I would be tested, and that people would need to clear their personal information in order to go cosmic.

The rest of the book began falling together effortlessly, to use a favorite Pleiadian word. In very small amounts throughout the eons were these frequencies of information brought onto this planet. It has transcendent vision and breath-takingly deep insight into human identity, history, and purpose. Portals allow you to enter the dimension of the planet where life exists.

This is a work about which one may aptly say is ou I trust this book. The local species had abilities that were too much like those who were passing themselves off as God.


They are so magnificent. Tera, Karen, and the P’s somehow schemed this book into being.

The master geneticists then designed various species, some human, some animal, by playing with the varieties of DNA that the sentient civilizations contributed to make Earth into this exchange center of information, this light center, this Living Library. About a week before my move, my current landlord walked into Libby’s shop and started complaining because her tenant was moving out with no notice. We want to awaken your memories.

Their food source is important to them. In Bringera, I eawn to Egypt with the Pleiadians. Earth is an exciting place to be at this time. It gave willingly and freely of its capabilities.

Who are these space beings we sometimes refer to as the Dark T – Shirts? You must begin to vibrate with this energy and to clear the passages of the self, the emotional energies that hold themselves locked in your physical body.

Memories in the Free – Will Zone.

Just like corporate raiders in your time come in and take over a business because perhaps the pension funds are in great abundance, so the funds upon this planet were in great abundance at the time these raider gods appeared. You have only dealt with gods with a little g who have wanted to be adored and to confuse you, and who have thought of Earth as a principality, a place that they own out in the galactic fringes of this free-will universe.

I remember how we came to be here on Planet Earth so many years ago, and how Prime Creator or God if you prefer wanted to experience bits of its self to watch what would happen.