Score by Benjamin Britten published by Boosey and Hawkes in Browse through all arias, ensembles and roles from the opera Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten. With links to the scenes with movies and more information. Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd based on Herman Melville’s story, is one of the 20th Century’s most tragic operas and the only opera with an all-male cast.

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Forster in performing arts Courts-martial in fiction. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat The Operas of Benjamin Britten. At the court martial Vere fails to speak up for Billy, who is then condemned.

Billy Budd | Benjamin Britten |

Archived from the original on 9 March In his cabin, Captain Vere muses over classical literature. Dansker, an old sailor, nicknames Billy “Baby Budd” for his innocence. The officers take his words as a deliberate provocation and order the men below decks.

MP3’s for this opera. He goes into the cabin where Billy is being held, and the orchestra suggests a tender offstage meeting as the captain informs Billy of the death sentence.


Vere does not believe him and sends for Billy so that Claggart may confront him. Night Mail The Prince of the Pagodas In the Epiloguewe return to the aged Vere, who again scrutinises his role in these events.

He had met Britten before the Second World War and they built up a friendship. In fact, Forster agreed to this project, and worked with Eric Crozier, a Britten collaborator, to write the opera’s libretto.

Billy Budd, op. 50 – study score

Bass Red Brittne an impressed man: Captain Vere’s cabin Act 4 Scene 1: Billy Budd All-male opera, set at sea. Billy Budd Synopsis Libretto: Two-act version The opera is preceded by a prologue in which Captain Vere, as an old man, ponders the significance of events that took place long ago.

Three new sailors, press-ganged from a passing merchant ship, are brought on board. It was originally in four acts with three intervals.

Benjamin Britten – Billy Budd, op. 50 – study score

Captain Vere’s cabin Scene 2: Sheetmusic for this opera. Claggart returns, and tells Vere that Billy poses a threat of mutiny. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Just before his execution, he praises Vere with his final words, singing “Starry Vere, God Bless you! List of compositions by Benjamin Britten Category: Opera by Benjamin Britten.

In a rage, Billy begins to stammer. Billy is shocked at the cruelty of the punishment, but is certain scire if he follows the rules he will be in no danger.

War Requiem film.

Load Moreā€¦ Follow on Instagram. Unable to speak, he strikes Claggart, killing him.

Billy Budd

Baritone Mr Flint Brityen Master: His stammer, however, frustrates his attempts to speak, and he knocks Claggart down with a single blow that strikes billy dead.

Having admired Britten’s music since attending a performance of The Ascent of F6 inhe first met the composer in October when he heard Peter Pears accompanied by Britten perform the Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo at the National Gallery.

Claggart then accuses Billy, who is called in by Vere to defend himself.