Carry the One by Carol Anshaw – Hailed as “beautifully observed” (The New York Times) and “a brilliant feat of storytelling” (The Boston Globe), Carol Anshaw’s. Carol Anshaw’s ‘Carry the One’ is a sharp and arresting work about the intersecting lives of three siblings. Such is the experience on opening Carol Anshaw’s moving and engaging new novel, “Carry the One.” Within a chapter it’s clear that Anshaw.

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I first read a rave review for this book in a magazine. It is thrilling to watch them kick against the friction of their lives – not just the accident, but the more ordinary mishaps like heartbreak, disappointment, humiliation.

Carry the One by Carol Anshaw

This book I won this book through Goodreads, and was excited carrh receive it. The main characters at the beginning of the book are high and drunk after leaving a wedding reception. I admit that the advertising may have been misleading, but I believe that the writer did stay true to t I want to respond to the negative reviews of the book more than the book itself which I enjoyed to an extent.


To a certain extent this had to do with the desire to see “where they wound up,” which the book did in fact pay off. This anshaaw essence is what the book is about. Maybe I set myself up for failure on this one by having an entirely different idea of how this would play out.

The evening winds down, and Nick and Olivia offer a ride to Alice and Maude. Carmen’s sister, Alice, is a painter and feverishly, manically paints this tragic girl oe various stages of the life she never got the chance to have. These chronological jumps are not quantified, but the beginning of one section echoes the end of the last, layering story over story.


View all 6 comments. I can’t think of anything important to humans that this novel doesn’t in some way address. Carry the One by Carol Anshaw: The chapters are seen as snapshots of time over the coarse of twenty years, showing how each sibling struggles in their own way to regain something normal, but there is no way to bury this hurt, no way to stop it from tinting every relationship, every occasion, every quiet moment spent alone.

Carry the One

The notion can be both terrifying and exhilarating. It makes me feel like the author needs some therapy to deal with depression issues, because she sure seems to have a grip on those feelings.

The story follows Carmen, her siblings and the other occupants of the car that night through the next twenty-five years of their lives The book feels a bit voyeuristic to me, as the reader examines these characters – Alice, Carmen and Nick – and their lives in detail, getting glimpses of them that perhaps were meant to be private.

I won this book through Goodreads, and was excited to receive it. This review is in reference to an Advance Reader’s Edition of the book. He is the most affected noe the tragic accident, other than the actual driver, Olivia.

Because of the accident, we’re not just separate numbers. This is a story about Carmen, Nick and Alice a group of siblings bound together by a horrible accident that takes the life of a young girl, and continues to distract It has been years since I’ve so taken with a book. To me, it was just a book about the lives of three people and day after day how they tried to get it right.

Her strong attitudes were present throughout the story, and I found them to be heavy handed, not entertaining at all. Videos About This Book. As Nick said to Alice I thw enjoy the first 30 pages and thought I was anshaq for a 5 star read, but after the page mark I struggled to even pick up the book and I know my reluctance in reading really shows my disinterest in the Novel.


Advertise your book correctly, I’m sure it has market.

carol anshaw

She is also a painter. When you add us up, you always have to carry the one. They are spirited and, to a person, sexy. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles.

For the rest of their lives, the accident will play in the background — their relationships, their careers, their friendships are all tested and changed. The characters introduced sadly are not very likable ones. I really wanted to like this book, but overall, I was glad to just get through it. I was proud of Olivia; she had the hardest road of all, I think, but the peace she found came at a oone price.

Nick’s stories are about doing drugs, dating Olivia, and feeling guilty about the car accident the best of the farry pain, longings, Unfortunately, they hit a young girl walking home and she is killed. A coming of age story about the effects of an abusive father and a not so present mother that really formed their choices in life, rather than how a tragic event changed their lives.

Alice paints and searches for love, but that is no different from what was happening prior to the accident. These people would have been the same whether they had been in the accident or not. I find her treatment of women vs.