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Published by Ariel first published Again, the way Seneca died or to be precise, the way he invited his death luciliio something, I think, questionable or disputable. He can touch your spirit. What I am saying is to take away what is good and take not what is not.

Cartas A Lucilio : Seneca :

A person who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. Death is not an evil. View all 19 comments. This book should rather be thought of as a collection of moral essays and exhortations. Seneca’s senecw to his friend Lucilius was neither.

Cartas a Lucilio by Seneca

Amusingly, there were very lcuilio parts in this collection particularly how he saw getting a hot bath as “effeminate” and how not bathing every day is a sign of hard work with the smell of sweat and soil as its evidence.

What separated Letters from a Stoic with other books featuring ethical guidance was the ease in reading Seneca’s words; they were easy to understand, did not come off as preachy, and he was straightforward with the desire to teach and not to impress.

I was not entirely fond of reading people’s letters because I always thought they were either too personal or intimate which rendered them quite ineffective. My father died abruptly and all the sudden these discussions about resilience, temperance, equanimity, simplicity, moral clarity, overcoming the limits of mortality, and the stoicism in the face of loss–all of it came into focus. I was pleasantly ashamed of myself to find Seneca’s philosophy and morals not falling short of any of the other two master Stoics.


Cartas A Lucilio

At least, he did mine. He preached simple living and a rejection of luxury in his writings, but Seneca was one of the most powerful cartss in Rome and one of the wealthiest in the Western world during his lifetime.

He also mentioned how Philosophy is turning into Philology and people tend to study Philosophy to keep the words, appear intelligent, rather than use it to enrich their lives. I will probably read it many times over to let all the wisdom sink in, but this same information could be easily condensed into another book with fewer words, and better editing to appeal to modern day readers.

The one law mankind has that is free of all discrimination.

He does comment on Plato a bit, and at the end of this work, he even provides some discussion relating to physics and metaphysics. The cartae I’ve ever been to being emperor of anything is the emperor of ice cream, so maybe the guy deserves more credit than the typical accusations of hypocrisy.

We should therefore reflect upon all contingencies, and should fortify our minds against the evils which may possibly come. These letters which read more like essays Seneca wrote in the last years of his life. It is in these sections, of plain, friendly advice, that I think Seneca is at his best. To To think for yourself. He offers, instead, an unsystematic mass of advice. Those who lack self-control lead disturbed and tumultuous lives; their crimes are balanced by their fears, and they are never at ease.

Seneca believes that a trained man can transcend the whims of fate and find a greater happiness from within. The mind at times fashions for itself false shapes of evil when there are no signs that point to evil; it twists into the worst construction some word of doubtful meaning; or it fancies some personal grudge to be more serious than it really is, considering not how angry the enemy is, but to what lengths he may go if he is angry.


You must rather become content with yourself, taking pleasure in life whether fortune smiles or frowns: Yet, when he was freed and free to embrace all the pleasures he had been denied, he cast it all aside and started a Stoic school.

Seneca Carta a Luci­lio CVII

While there are some metaphysical thoughts here and there, his main focus is in regards to living a good life. Also very forward thinking in regards to slavery I must say. Quotes from Epistulae morales His thoughts on slaves and slavery were years of head of their time, maybe hundreds of years. A few of my favorite highlights: Very little of the first generation of Stoics survive, and we are left with mainly later Stoics like Epictetus, Rufus and Seneca; some may also include Marcus Aurelius to that list as well.

I was saying goodbye to a very dear friend who I not only felt that I cartad come to know intimately over the past weeks, but to someone whose philosophies resonated with my own on various topics, and also at the most fundamental levels.