Form 6 – Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after the draft To check if your name has been included in the electoral rolls, you can follow the steps. Disclaimer: Contents on this website is meant for searching only. Website designed and hosted by Election Commission of India, New Delhi (INDIA). PDF of Electoral Roll (showing details of all enrolled voters) as on 21 Jan

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The eligibility for filling the form no. Chief Electoral Officer of the state. Please keep browsing the website. The tasks like accessing the PDF version ceuptemp voter list and checking application status are also possible on the same.

Information available from the Rolk Website: Only use your real name. A gigantic task force consisting of five million polling personnel combined with civil police forces and the army few areas is required to conduct general elections in India. The chief electoral officer of this state is Mr.

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January 17, at 2: November 13, at 1: One of the most obvious reasons why a voter slip can not make the voter id card obsolete is the longevity of the voter id card. I am residing in Allahabad South constituency. Everyone feels a little fluttery from the day you submit your application for getting a new Voter ID card till you actually get it.

Form received by thesil officer for duplicate voter id in but till date votar id not received. Please, do not share any personal information in your comments. November 26, at Kindly issue me a duplicate card so that I can cast my vote in the upcoming UP elections on 11th February Also, we shall enlighten you about other important voter concerns like the election commission of India voter list and ways of checking voter id application status.


If you are from Uttar Pradesh you can check your name in the voter list online. Therefore you can be enrolled at Uttar Pradesh only and not in your native village. Especially for a country like India where there are so many states and each state has above par population, the need for a more localized authority to handle voter registration and election related tasks in evident.

You can do it manually or online. Pranab Mukherjee on the eve of the national voters day Please expedite for corrections in voter ID cards.

Election Commission EC ensures that the process of making new Voter Id card is as simple as possible to encourage more and more voters to register for it. Be patient and later you can check your name in the electoral list. This code would reach you instantly on the mobile number number you provided on the previous page, once you click proceed.

The populations and voters between difference only feouptemp After entering the confirmation code you received, you would be given access to the online version of the election commission of India form no. The Election Commission of India is one of the only independent bodies in India not under the direct control of the government.

Ceouptemp roll pdf995

June 12, at The website for the same is […]. We people are prone to getting our things lost, damaged or stolen. May 19, at 8: On 24th April election at 12 seats of Uttar Pradesh will be held, on 30th April 14 seats, on 7th May 15 seats and on the last election day that is 12th May 18 election will be on 18 lok sabha seats of Uttar Pradesh.

Hi Prashant, Please follow the steps in this link to apply for duplicate voter ID card: Which is the relevant date for determining the age qualification of 18 years? Looking for something related to India? In this article we tell you the online process for getting voter identity card in the present year Act,only a person who is ordinarily resident in a constituency is entitled to be registered in the electoral roll of that constituency.



Voting in an election fills us up with sudden happiness. To do so, you must select the option: The same could then be used for the rokl purposes: Although it is possible to apply for a voter identity card on Election Commission of India websiteit is not possible to check your application status on the same.

November 6, at 9: A voter id card has much more shelf life and is very easily preserved and maintained. Home Upcoming Elections in India You are here: Thus voting is not only a right but voting for candidate is a duty too. Once you enter this information you would be able to verify your name in the voter list of your constituency. Hopefully this guide answers every question.

Csouptemp have applied for adding my name in voter list and submitted form 6. May 13, at 4: Although the process for getting an Election Commission of India Voter identity card does not change from one year to another but still the officials at the commission keep on adding layers of convenience into the voter registration process.

Please tell whether my name is in voter list. June 17, at You will be give the receipt ceouptrmp later you can collect your duplicate card from VREC.