Site Map | Training materials for use at your training center from the. with unlimited pricing rights at your training centre | Cheltenham Group. Training materials for IT trainers in the USA | Customizable computer.

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Click here to print this page. If you have a question please email, phone, fax or write to us. No anonymous PO box addresses like some of our competitors.

Cheltenham Courseware

We have listed some of our clients on this web site for you. The company has now been trading for over 20 years since Our training materials are used in over 80 countries and we have an enviable client list.

Please see our prices page.

To order online payment must be made using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. We allow official educational organizations, charities and well established companies to order using a purchase order. You can always order online using our secure ordering system.

If in doubt, contact us prior to purchasing your courseware. Starting with the introduction of our Office training materials, we now offer separate North American and European editions of the training materials.


We have also re-formatted our entire back catalog to produce page size fourseware versions for North America and Europe.

About the Cheltenham Group | Quality computer courseware

Many trainers use our manuals for tutor-led training sessions, followed by the students using the workbooks to practice the knowledge gained during the training session. In some cases organizations use our materials to supplement Computer Based Training packages. This is an excellent, low cost additional training resource! In other cases organizations use our materials as a library for self study or open study at a site.

Remember with our courses you get:. No commercial training companies are allowed to place any of our materials on the Internet! If we cheltenam such examples, legal action cheltenha result!

You must leave the Cheltenham Courseware copyright notice on each item that you use. All materials supplied by Cheltenham Courseware remains copyrighted to Cheltenham Courseware, and must be clearly indicated by a copyright notice on each item used courseeware that effect.

You can sell the manuals at cost to anyone who physically attends a training course run by you at your training center. This does not cover third parties or distance learning schemes. Sorry, we only sell direct and do not use resellers. Yes, provided you use the training materials to teach only those people attending a training course at the site for where the training materials are registered. No, we do not supply printed manuals.


Computer Courseware Samples

You can either print the manuals from disk yourself or use a local printing service to do this. This also allows you add your name and logos prior to printing. Most of our courses include a manual, workbook, work files and a set of instructor slides. Our manuals coursewwre produced in Microsoft Word which allows you to edit the documents and then automatically update the table of contents. Different clients tend to use our IT training materials in different ways.

Some deliver tutor-led, classroom based training while others use the training materials purely for open, self paced learning. Many clients combine the use of our printed training cheltnham with computer based training packages supplied by other courseware companies. This last combination adds enormous value to computer based training and gives the students a valuable reference to keep and use long after the training course has finished! Computer Courseware Common Questions.