If it has defective drywall, then I am out the money for the inspection. But our Realtor tells me we would be able to renig on the contract. Right?. DEFECTIVE DRYWALL DISCLOSURE AND INSPECTION CONTINGENCY. This Addendum is to the Sales Contract (“Contract”) entered into between. Many firms are requiring the Chinese/Defective Drywall Addendum to Contract be used in all transactions regardless of the age of the house.

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During the housing boom, some States were experiencing building material shortages. Cape Coral and Fort Myers were among the hottest places in America, receiving national attention! Some homes were built or renovated using defective drywall imported from or manufactured in China.

Tainted Chinese Drywall in Florida is a problem for homeowners, builders, and Realtors®

A bit of caution should be taken on any age home than may have had some renovation done that required the use of drywall between through One of the first signs of Chinese drywall is a strong sulfur smell, similar to fhinese smell of rotten eggs. Lots of people in new homes pass this off as smell from the paint, or new carpeting, etc.


If you smell sulfur in your home, you should consider having some testing. In cooler environments, Chinese drywall contaminated homes have been found not to smell. Check for corrosion on your metal faucets, drains, mirrors, picture frames, jewelery, etc.

Toxic Chinese Drywall: Is It in Your Home? | Today’s Homeowner

Anything that contains decorative metal in your home should be checked for pitting, darks spots, or a dark discoloration. These are tell-tale signs of Chinese drywall.

Also, check the copper in your home. If you see darkening of copper wires, you may have Chinese drywall.

Toxic Chinese Drywall: Is It in Your Home?

A good place to check the copper in your home is at your water heater. There should be a few copper pipes around the top of your water heater.

Watch for failing appliances. When placing an offer on a property to purchase, your Agent will include a Chinese Drywall Addendum. In Short, this state basically what was mention above, and addebdum an acknowledgement by the seller that he is unaware of any defective drywall. If there are some, he will disclose that information.

Gives the buyer the right to addenfum the property, at his expense and the buyer agree to pay for any damage the inspection may have done. It also allows the buyer to set a limit he may want to spend to make the needed correction. It also allows the buyer to cancel the contract, and receive full refund of the buyer deposit, within 3 days after the inspection, by written request. Failure to do so, the buyer may not terminate the contract. Remedy of defective drywall is very expensive and is based on square footage.


The house has to be gutted down to the wood frame, and all the wiring and plumbing has to be replaced. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Tainted Chinese Drywall is a Problem for Florida Homeowners

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