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According to the results, the treatment of the cervical spine based on joint mobilizations, segmental stabilization, and muscle stretching produced statistically significant changes in subjects with TMD.

Outcome measures Subjects were evaluated three times: The arrows indicate the direction of movement. Different results were reported by La Touche, et al. Although the improvement on MMO did not reach the clinically meaningful difference 22the significant change and the good effect size of the therapy suggest great tendency towards restoration of normal values for Mobro, even after few intervention sessions of manual therapy techniques and segmental stabilization applied directly to cervical spine.

Moreover, La Touche et al. In addition to reduced pain, subjects presented significant improvement in mandibular function after treatment, which may be related to both reduced pain and increased MMO because the MFIQ addresses the major functions of the stomatognathic system eating different kinds of food, communicating, yawning, and smilingwhich require mouth opening and proper performance of this system It can help to understand the perpetuation of the results along time.

Spanish software was used for calculation Ene 3. Therefore, stimulation of structures innervated by the trigeminal nerve may produce neck pain ombr vice-versa 6.

Positioning of patient and therapist during A upper cervical flexion mobilization, B C5 central posterior-anterior mobilization, and C craniocervical flexor stabilization exercise.


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The treatment protocol decreased self-reported pain, increased pain-free MMO, and improved mandibular function. The intervention vo consisted dinesiologia 10 sessions of physical therapy over a 5-week period the first session occurring up to 7 days after E2and a third evaluation E3 was performed 3—5 days after the last session.

Cervical musculoskeletal impairments and temporomandibular disorders. A semispinalis capitis and splenius capitis stretching; B sternocleidomastoid muscles and scalenes stretching, and C upper trapezius stretching. The comparison between E1 and E3 was not performed because it was considered irrelevant to answer the research question. This procedure was repeated 10 times.

The higher the score, the greater the functional impairment. Only two subjects presented with worsened function after intervention, while seven showed improvement, and three displayed the same previous MFIQ score.

Thus, joint mobilization toward the upper cervical region appears to reduce muscular reflex contractions and to allow muscle relaxation, especially in masseter muscles, and may consequently increase MMO. PPTs PPTs measured on masseter and temporalis muscles were significantly higher after intervention, particularly on the left side.

cinesiologia do ombro pdf

Positioning of the patient and the therapist during stretching exercises: Sample size estimation was based on PPT data, and statistically significant differences were found when comparing evaluations; however, most differences were lower than the estimated ones and did not show clinical relevance compared omnro minimal clinical difference.

Table 2 Data of Pressure Pain Thresholds. The elucidation of this cause and effect association will reinforce the possibility for physical therapists to assist patients with TMD by approaching their cervical spines 25 Load increase was used to progress the exercise.

All subjects had bilateral myofascial cinesilogia, although most joint or disc disorders were unilateral six left sided, two right sided. Therapeutic approaches using manual therapy and exercises on the cervical spine have shown benefits for pain, maximum mouth opening MMOand pressure pain thresholds PPTs This is a cunesiologia, fast, and low-cost alternative to screen subjects displaying signs and symptoms of the disorder, as well as to classify the severity of the symptoms absent, light, moderate, or severe.


Although all subjects had been diagnosed with TMD, their pain levels were low, causing a ceiling effect.

Subjects were evaluated three times: The baseline phase consisted of two evaluations E1 ciinesiologia E2 performed with a 3-week cunesiologia, during which time the subjects received no treatment.

The Portuguese version used in this study has shown good reliability 11 it was applied to 62 individuals who completed the questionnaire on two occasions. Therefore, prolonged protocols and other manual therapy techniques to the cervical spine should be considered and investigated for the treatment of TDM patients.

C5 central posterior-anterior mobilization: Finally, according to Leandri, et al. Statistical analysis Sample size was calculated considering PPT as the main outcome, with data from the literature 24for a repeated measures design. Pain and mandibular function There was a statistically significant improvement in self-reported pain after intervention, with some subjects achieving a median of 0 on the pain scale.

However, the tendency of the results indicates that further studies should continue investigating the effects of cervical treatment in subjects with TMD.

Cervical spine signs and symptoms: Changes in masseter muscle trigger points following strain-counterstrain or neuro-muscular technique. These muscles are directly involved with head positioning and their shortening produces misalignment in head and neck segments 1.

Abdução, Adução horizontal e flexão e extensão do ombro.

Values for masseter muscles are approximately 1. Reliability of clinical temporomandibular disorder diagnoses. A systematic review of the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions for temporomandibular disorders.