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SAE SISTEMATIZAÇÃO DA ASSISTÊNCIA DE ENFERMAGEM RESOLUÇÃO COFEN/ Dispõe sobre a Sistematização da Assistência de Enfermagem. CONSIDERANDO a Resolução Cofen nº , de 15 de outubro de , que dispõe sobre a sistematização da assistência de Enfermagem e a implementação. Anamnese é a entrevista inicial que o técnico de enfermagem ou enfermeiro faz com o paciente. Consiste no preenchimento de uma ficha ou questionário.

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It is emphasized that the thematic categories that were explored in this phase will be built focused on the objectives in the previous phase.

– RESOLUÇÃO COFEN Nº / Conselho Federal de Enfermagem

Ds data collected will be 2009 through the use of descriptive statistics with non-parametric measure of association chi-square test. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The training of the professionals does not contribute to the application of the NCS, since there is no implementation of the investigation due to lack of preparation which in fact leaves them deprived of the understanding of the real role of nursing. The NCS is the instrument that provides the use of scientific principles and a work methodology that promotes the cpfen of actions, favoring the assistance rendered to the human being, contributing to the quality of emergency care.

This component of the Urgency and Emergency Network is one of the entry points for secondary level of health care and is a reference for the entire State of Acre, Brazil, and border countries, Bolivia and Peru.

Discussion Nowadays, it is urgent to organize the nursing service in public and private units through the implementation of NCS; however, it is still necessary to awake the professionals to the need of searching for knowledge and to reduce the dichotomy between academia and professional practice. Following the steps proposed by Bardin [ 17 ] in the preanalysis, the researcher will transcribe the interviews that will allow the floating reading necessary for the initial organization of CORPUS set of documents that will be exposed to the analysis that will be analysed; Reaffirmed the objectives of the study, that are: We considered them studies that addressed aspects of the assessment of the nurse in child care, published in a time frame of the last five years, in Portuguese, Spanish and English, of where were extracted evidences which were grouped into areas of basic human needs: It is estimated 30 interviews that will be consolidated by the saturation method.


Souza Junior, Luiz C de Abreu.

This study is a descriptive research developed from a qualitative approach. After all cofenn reasoning of the rules and how the researcher will direct their analysis of content, will proceed the second stage called exploration of the material ; to begin the rules implementation the researcher should develop a new reading of CORPUS.

Rev Bras Enfermagem ; The content analysis CA must be developed through 3 chronological poles allowing the researcher to construct an analysis structure that corresponds to the needs of the research and the objectives of the proposed research; The chronological poles of CA are described as: Phase 1—preanalysis, phase 2—exploration of the material: Thus, care planning has been in the background in many realities, once perceived as a difficult activity to be practiced on the Brazilian nursing scene, despite all the logical proposal presented by NCS.

Resolução COFEN 358/2009

The nursing process, articulated to a theory of coven, is an important technological tool in favor of professional care. In this way, in view of the reflections presented so far, some questions are pertinent to help in the cut of the object of this study, such as: O desafio do conhecimento. Through qualitative evaluation we can expose experience and common sense through the actions of understanding, interpreting and promoting the dialectics necessary for understanding.


The form evaluates the variables: In this sense, the informant will have the freedom to follow the line of his thought and his experiences within the main focus placed by the investigator. Esc Anna Nerry Rev Enfermagem ; How was the process of training professionals to implement this instrument?


Revista Rede Enfermagem Nordeste ; Validation of an application for pediatric nursing: Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. According to Oliveira et al [ 8 ] and Cruz and Almeida, [ 9 ] the discourses point to a mechanized assistance with low critical clinical reasoning, with a view to fulfilling the routine tasks destined to the execution of the care, being evident the lack of adhesion of the nursing team to a plan of care focused on the patient.

To Acre State through the Department of Health for the opportunity to qualify through the agreement n.

After the construction of the form, it will be validated by expertises in the area of child health. To all those who directly or indirectly contributed to the realization of this project.

Rev Lat Am Enfermagem ; R Pesq Cuidado Fundam ; 5: In the third stage, called Treatment of the results obtained and interpretationa revision of the CU will be implemented, finalizing the construction of it and organizing the main evidences raised in step 2 to proceed a later interpretation of the results obtained with the exploration of the material.