Much of Traminette’s background information presented here was provided by Dr . Bruce Reisch at Cornell University and Dr. Bruce Bordelon at Purdue. Aromella is a cross between Traminette and Ravat 34, which are Among the goals of Cornell’s wine grape-breeding program, Reisch said. Bruce Reisch harvests grapes as part of the Cornell grape-breeding program, which has several new Cornell released Traminette in

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He is tremendously impressed with the cold-hardiness of Traminette. A name can make or break a grape’s commercial acceptance. Reisch has released three white wine grapes — Chardonel, Melody, and Horizon — and one red seedless table grape — Einset Seedless — since coming to the grape breeding program at Geneva in Enter word pictured above: Marquis is a table grape.

The authors acknowledge the leadership of John Einset, and technical expertise of Joe Bertino.

Free non-exclusive licenses for Marquis may be obtained from the Cornell Research Foundation in Ithaca. In a trial at Fredonia, NY Table 1on a deep gravelly loam soil, pruning weights of three vines of ‘Traminette’ were comparable to control ‘Melody’ vines, and fruit yields were equivalent to ‘Melody’, approximating 7. As done with other cultivars, short shoots are best removed or fruit stripped, in order to get higher fruit quality.

Seed from the cross were sent to Cornell’s grape breeding program where they were planted in The amber berries are medium sized 1. Translated to tons per acre, one can expect a yield range of tons per acre in Indiana, depending cotnel site.


Reisch 1 and R. A light golden color of the grapes is indicative of high fruit quality, while shaded and green grapes at harvest are generally lower in flavor intensity.

Traminette Grape

Prior to posting a comment, please Login or Create Account. Articles by Mansfield, A. Vitis special issue Proc. Brahm for extensive field trials with ‘Traminette’. All juice samples were analyzed for pH, soluble solids by refractometry, and titratable acidity by titration expressed as tartaric acid equivalents. These high-vigor sites can be managed by using divided canopy training, such as Geneva Double Curtain or vertically divided Ckrnel Henry or Smart-Dyson systems.

This would exacerbate any vine vigor problems, which can be managed by the aforementioned trellising and pruning techniques. Back to Bruce Reisch’s home page. If the fruit is grown in heavier shade, the monoterpene content can be cut in half.

Yet in warmer climates, planting on grafted rootstocks might be more successful. Growers were instrumental in both the testing and the naming process. Therefore, on fertile soils, grafting of ‘Traminette’ is not recommended.

This Article HortScience May vol. Generally, it is reasonably free of black rot and Botrytis cinerea fruit rot, but is more affected by Phomopsis viticolawhich causes Phomopsis cane and leaf spot, and can lead to fruit rot. All comments are subject to review and will be posted as soon as possible. Another positive is Traminette buds out an average of two weeks later than early budding cultivars such as Marechal Foch and Marquette, which helps to avoid possible spring frost damage.

Crown gall has been observed, while phylloxera has not yet led to vine decline in Indiana. Viticultural production data for ‘Traminette’ vines grown near Geneva, New York. Research was done on own-rooted vines, which were productive and vigorous regardless of the presence of phylloxera in the New York soils. Food and Life Sci.


Suitability of training systems is still under study, but systems that take advantage of large vine size with high productivity potential e. He is still monitoring some of the trials in Lafayette, Ind. Information from that publication is included here. Registration is quick and free password optional Without registration, you are posting as Guest.

Because there is international interest in large-berried seedless table grapes, Cornell has applied for a plant patent for Marquis. Reisch explained that even though Traminette is not totally resistant to phylloxera, in cool climates such as New York and Michigan, own-rooted stock seems to be a better choice. Agricola Articles by Reisvh, B. Search for related content. Bordelon determined that cluster thinning is usually not needed for Traminette, except on young vines in their second and teaminette leaf years.


In addition to the proper training system, canopy management is very important for fruit quality. An expanding bubble in an extra dimension Uppsala University Rerouting nerves during amputation reduces phantom limb pain before it xornel MediaSource Proportion of cancers associated with excess body weight varies considerably by state American Cancer Society Reducing drinking could help with smoking cessation, research finds Oregon State University View all latest news.

The fruit ripens in mid-September, after Himrod.