To start with, how did your involvement with Fiendish Codex II begin? Devils have always struck me as the coolest of infernal D&D baddies. Fiendish Codex – Play Role Online. Views . show all. Fiendish Codex II – Tyrants of the Nine Hells – Dropbox ยท Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells is a supplement designed to be the resource for information about devils and the Nine Hells of the D&D world.

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Sometimes it’s a map of a whole layer, like Nessus’ surface canyons. Her machinations have been foreshadowed in previous publications for years. There are nuggets for many of Hell’s former rulers scattered throughout the book, but we chose to focus our attention on the active agents of evil, rather than on those dead, buried, or transformed into vestiges Xodex of Magic covered most of these folks rather well, I think.

They even kill your companion animals.

This is important in portraying the Hells as both eternal but currently in the midst of big changes. It describes origins of devilsthe rise of the most powerful devil, Asmodeusand the mystery of how he came to the Nine Hells of Baator in the first place. In short, the hellbred is a great option for player’s looking to play doomed champions, e&d, and other dark and gloomy characters without having to play an evil alignment.

Fiendish Codex II

The hellfire engine covers the infernal war machine. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve had a fondness for Glasya since Monster Manual 2 –what can I say, I like women with horns and tails.

This was a tricky issue. There’s also the hellreaver, a sexy class for paladins, who channels his outrage and fury into special abilities that give him specific resistances and combat buffs for fighting evil outsiders. You’ll find the archdevils of the Nine Hells are rather vigilant in dealing with upstarts and rivals.


Asmodeus and other archdevils long served as prominent villains in my campaigns. When I ran into an element from the past I wasn’t comfortable with, I downplayed it rather than cutting it out x&d.

Wizards of the Coast: It’s a perfect r&d to set a sweeping campaign, thrusting the player characters into the heart of the Blood War, fighting their way through a sea of demons only to find themselves ensnared by the treacherous politicking of the baatezu. Robin handled the fiehdish and origins of the Nine Hells, so I’ll leave it to him to flesh out.

So I cut back on that concept somewhat, while still leaving traces of it for those who still want to recreate the Planescape vibe. Tyrants of the Nine Hells is an optional supplemental source book for the 3.

But remember, when it comes to the baatezu, they don’t let anything happen that they don’t want to happen in the first place. The words “true” and “devils” never belong together in the same sentence.

And they keep coming. Ever since I became a freelance game designer, I’ve had a knack for landing jobs that dealt with evil subjects. As they advance, they also acquire additional abilities, letting them develop devilish traits.

Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Retrieved August 16, They bust down your door. To be honest, I too think Asmodeus should be a CR “silly-huge” bad guy with all the bells and whistles, but, seriously, who’d use him? Bel kept his seat and he’s still having trouble with the other archdevils they don’t trust him since he double-crossed his predecessor.

Views Read Covex View history. This time around, we were very clear to make sure everyone knows that the Archdevils presented were all aspects. The Hellbreaker specializes in infiltrating the strongholds of devils and relieving them of their treasures. As for statistics, there are some changes. They go to great lengths to protect those beset by the power of the Baatezu.

Fiendish Codex II – D&D Wiki

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Plus, there’s a new PC race in town, we hear. Other than their CRs, have their stats changed from previous incarnations? Robin came up with the harvester devil, a fiend that specializes in making diabolical pacts.


In my sections, I looked at a lot of materials, including the 1st edition Monster Manuals and Manual of the Planes, the Ed Greenwood articles in Dragon Magazine, Faces of the Fiends, Planes of Law and the rest of the Planescape setting sourcebooks, as well as the current materials that cover the Hells.

If you were planning a vacation, what ffiendish would be your first choice to visit? For players, just remember this.

Product Spotlight: Fiendish Codex II

It is fiendizh as being, like any proper myth, true–whether it happened or not. Don’t let me stop you; just watch your backs. The vicious ayperobos swarm is a crowd of tiny devils that like little fat hairy humanoids with big leering mouths. These allow a caster to infuse the essence of a devil into a mortal, giving him a suite of abilities that replicate or evoke the abilities of the associated fiend. I wouldn’t make that same mistake twice. I can’t go dd&d too much detail about Asmodeus’s interactions with a certain lawful evil conjurer, but it was Magic Item Compendium, Preview 3.

The harvester devil fills a necessary hole in diabolical imagery–the classic slick-talking fiend who wants to sign you to a Cdoex pact. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. So, I cleared my decks for this one. The book kicks off with an origin myth for Asmodeus.

Pact, Shadow, and True Name Magic. What can you tell us about the hellbred? Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. By presenting the fiwndish as aspects, we preserved them as great campaign ending bad-guys, but without emasculating them. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata.